PIXIES GIVEAWAY & Designer Shout Out!!!

Pixies week means giveaways!!!  Here’s one for you to try for…


_Pixies Frame_back

If you guess correctly (without going over.. .we’re channeling our friend, Bob Barker) you can win 1/2 yard of each of our current in-stock PIXIES!   Umm.. that’s like almost 11 yards of pixies –  a pixies palooza!!!  See details in our facebook post!!!


Designer Shout Out

Here’s a little inAliciaSelfiesight from the Pixies designer – Alicia Jacobs Dujets  (check out her bow!)


IandAquestion Quick!  What’s your favorite pixies color??!!??!!

Alicia:  I hope this is allowed, but two immediately come to mind! The first is Seafoam because it was one of the originals that was introduced with the Talk To Me line. It is a staple to the Pixies collection and is one of a few that make me feel nostalgic. My second pick is Navy which was introduced a bit later, but I’ve always been a sucker for a nice, rich navy. The two of them together would make a great pair though, and now you’ve got me thinking about projects to make with these two…

IandAquestion Pixies projects…anything you’d love to see or do?

Alicia: I have been blown away by the creativity being poured into Pixie projects ever since they first started popping up, I can’t even imagine what’s to come! Since I love teeny tiny things and am constantly pushing the limit with how small we can go on designs (have you noticed how small the Pixie dots are?) I would love to see someone make a shirt for their hamster or something. Can someone please do that? I’d probably even settle for a guinea pig shirt, that’s still pretty small if you think about it.

 Well, we don’t have a hamster shirt… yet… but here are some other adorable teeny pixies projects from our team here and our pixies fans!

pixies table chairs
I&A Dollhouse furniture – PIXIE-fied!
pixie furniture in glass Pamela Truenow
Fan creation – Pamela Truenow…Just add a hamster?


FabriFlair from IndygoJunction
Indygo Junctions new patterns – FabriFlair – great pieced objects with fabric!  

IandAquestion People love Pixies because…

Alicia: Pixies are so versatile, they can be the focal point of a project or a supporting design to something much more complicated and this is exactly what makes them so easy to fall in love with. Since I designed them as a small coordinate for Ink & Arrow collections I didn’t originally imagine them being a stand-alone design, but I remember the first time I saw our Pixie Dots Quilt (Stereo by Jaybird Quilts) in person and it was a game changer for me. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s made entirely of Pixies and the color is incredible! I believe it was made with every color we offered at the time it was constructed and this is solid proof that you really can do anything with Pixies, whether you’re mixing and matching them with other designs or with each other. Since color is the key element, the Pixie is something that can keep evolving (and has!) with every collection we release. We may even have some tricks up our sleeve for future Pixies, but you’ll have to stick with us to see what we’ve got planned!

_Stereo Quilt, windy_lowres.jpg
Here is the Stereo Quilt (Jaybird Quilts) made for us by Anne Cowan- great swirly stitching!!!

24300 Z repeat

Fun fact!…………………………………………………………..

City Life was the first collection ever established for Ink & Arrow and the Pixies dot is actually taken from a pattern of tiny windows in some of the buildings in the Rooftop Gardens design. They are sprinkled everywhere throughout that design and now you’ll never be able to unsee them!  🙂

_Stereo Quilt, detail 1_lores.jpg

We’ll announce a winner on Thursday!  Get to guessing!





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