What song makes you feel “The Beat!”?

I don’t know about you, but we ❤ music around here… there HAS to be music!   One of our newest collections by Victoria Hutto for Ink & Arrow fabrics celebrates music, dancing, singing and the fun of feeling “The Beat!”   Fun colors & prints + Pixies = 🙂

The Beat, fat quarter 1


Foot standing on the Grass seen from Above, Free Space for Text
Get those dance steps down!  1..2..cha cha cha…3…4…cha cha cha

One of my very favorite songs that makes me want to get up and dance is by Harry Belafonte, “Shake Senora”.  I remember hearing this song when visiting my grandparents’ house and then, the movie Beetlejuice brought it back into my world!  It’s such a happy song!

Here’s another cute video – it shows how timeless this song is!

I recently played this song for my 2 1/2 year old nephew Jack and he started to bee-bop along!  So fun!   It’s so hard to pick one song…

I love the variety in this collection.  How cute as pajamas….

Relaxed casual brunette in white pajamas lying on her bed in bright bedroom
Just chilling, dreaming about “Dancing with the Stars” and singing on “The Voice”

and don’t forget, everyone loves music, not just people 😉

Dog listening music


Here’s a couple of questions…

What do you listen to when you are sewing|quilting|crafting|making?  

What’s your go-to soundtrack for getting your groove on and letting your creativity shine?

What do you want to make out of “The Beat”?  

Let us know by commenting on this blog & we will select one winner of a fat quarter bundle of “The Beat!”  – we’ll announce it on the next blog!  Good luck!

_The Beat, close up 1.jpg

We’d love to hear from you!  Don’t forget, you can submit ANY of your Ink & Arrow Fabrics projects to us through our website – we want to share your great ideas!  Here’s the link to submit your projects!



7 thoughts on “What song makes you feel “The Beat!”?

  1. I am a musician even before I am a sewist. So my soundtracks usually involve something that I can sing to. Broadway tunes, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Sia. Love them all and I sing it out! Unless the kids are in bed…ha!

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  2. All the movie soundtracks by Hans Zimmer! Then, of course, anything by Queen, Boston, Kansas, or Styx. This Granny knows how to rock!

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  3. Fight the Fade is my current go to for life. They jump start creativity, calm that nagging self doubt, and their beat is a great motivator. Local Tulsa rock band too. Supporting local while sewing fabric from LQS on a family hand me down machine. Makes for a well spent weekend, evening, 5 spare minutes at lunch…whatever I can work in. As for the project…it would have to be a quilt with an original pattern, something to think on. Thanks for the opportunity and the cute fabric.

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  4. Ray Charles radio on Pandora is my new favorite. The only problem comes when my foot is tapping along with the beat instead of staying steady on the foot pedal. I’ll love these prints, I’m sure I would make some sort of fun quilt out of them. 🙂

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