QT @ Houston Quilt Market Recap #1

We’re back!  What a whirlwind!  Every year, summer ends and the anticipation of Quilt Market sets in,  and then POOF…it’s over!  We have two of these trade shows per year and this is our opportunity to share our newest fabric lines with shop owners, pattern makers, magazine editors, etc., etc.  It’s a great way to share our excitement for our upcoming collections!  Since this is an industry event, we wanted to share some of the experience of Market with you.

We had our main QT booth and also a booth dedicated to our Antiquities fabric brand.

First up, here’s our “Sneak Peek”  it’s a little display at the front of the convention center giving shops a peek of what they will find in the booth.  This year, we decided to have fun with yo-yos!  Who doesn’t love a fabric yo-yo?!?!?!?



For the QT display, we featured “Bleecker Street”, a lovely little floral group featuring pretty and petite flower prints to brighten your day!  Just imagine riding your vintage bike down a cobblestone street in your favorite A-line skirt and kitten heels to grab a mochaccino with the girls!  This group coming to your favorite quilt shop in December!

From Sneak Peek to booth – here’s a few photos of the Bleecker Street display!


Sigh… just lovely… we will talk more about this fantastic collection and our collaboration with Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Springs.  She’s one of our favorite designers who also collaborates with Aurifil!  You won’t want to miss that!!!


Loving the pops of color and the geometric feel of these quilts & apparel.

Another important part of Quilt Market are the “Schoolhouse” events.  These classes present different topics to educate attendees on everything from using a new technique to building their business.   We were proud to offer our Schoolhouse, “I Don’t Sew, I Quilt”  which was in reference to the many shop owners who are die-hard quilting fans and, as a result,  may be missing out on capturing the sewing/diy-ing/crafting markets.  People love fabric and not just for quilting!   Our Creative Manager, Cyndi Hershey, and Regional Sales Manager, Sarah Maylath presented ideas on how to engage different types of sewists and quilters with fun projects, patterns and ideas.  It was a great way to share some of our ideas and experience!



Attendees received a bag including a binder with class information and a selection of goodies!

Continuing the yo-yo theme, we had Yo-Yo Plinko!  Our Master of Ceremonies, Brian (aka, Marketing Brand Manager extraordinaire) brought the fun to quilt market with our game and great prizes.  We always like to share a little something with our shop friends who come to see our newest lines.  They had a chance to win fat quarter bundles, strip rolls, merchandise discounts etc., etc.


Our friendly QT Game Show host!


A shop owner taking a chance on a Plinko prize!


Of course, we cannot forget our friends who also had booths at Market.  We wanted to be sure to shout out to them!

Our designers, Desiree Habicht and Janet Wecker-Frisch both had their own booths at Market and we displayed these panels in our QT booth to show off their newest lines!


A few of our Studio 8 collections…



These holiday collections will ship to shops in May 2017!

There you have your first look at Market.  So exciting for us to see everything come together.   Next week, we’ll show you our other booth, Antiquities.



Fabric Addicts – Unite!!!

We haven’t done a must add to your stash blog in a while!  I was looking through my stash of fabrics this weekend and realized how many fat quarters I have that I don’t really want to cut/use; they are just too pretty! I have a habit of buying fabric, organizing it by color/print and then I look at them as if they are museum pieces – too amazing to disturb….  There is a saying ‘You know a quilter loves you when they use their ‘best’ fabrics’ … so true!

But, fabric is for sewing and crafting, right?  There are so many jokes about fabric addiction… but the struggle is real!

I have run out of places to hide, I mean store, my fabric.  Ha! So true!!!:



12 Sewing and Quilting Memes Sewers Understand All Too Well:

Here we are with some new lovelies to add to your stash and make your stash (aka curated fabric museum) even more impressive!  All of these groups are in shops now – head over to your local quilt shop and tell them we sent you! 🙂

Arabesque by Conrad Knutson is up first.   Subtle tonal geometric and medallion prints blend beautifully with soft and sophisticated textural coordinates.  This collection has two stunning projects offered on our site – click here to download the runner or quilt!


Quilt designed by Wendy Sheppard



Of course, having the Aurifil threads to coordinate is always a good idea!

Another great addition to your stash would be our Ribbons of Hope collection.   The ribbon symbol has become an iconic way to show support for various charities and causes.  Our collection showcases a variety of colors allowing you to incorporate into any project.  Different ribbon colors offer different meanings – see our chart below…

Handout ROH-1.png

exp comp -0.7

Your project takes on new meaning when you incorporate this ribbon fabric!

I know from experience, that sometimes, you just don’t know what to say or do to help a loved one.   A little gesture can have a major impact.   Making a quilt or project including the Ribbon of Hope fabric could be a little something to brighten their day; a reminder of your love and caring.

10% of proceeds from the sale of Ribbons of Hope fabrics will be donated to CANCERCare the leading national organization dedicated to providing free, professional support services that includes caregiver support.   

Finally, because it’s such a sunshine-y day… here is our Studio 8 line, Sun-kissed It’s pretty and flowery and watercolor-y and lovely.    Imagine pulling this out of your stash in March when you need a ray of sunshine? 

_Sunkissed dress 2_lores

Little Marianna (daughter of, our customer service associate, Justina)  is all smiles in this lovely sundress made with Sun-kissed!

_Sunkissed resized.jpg

The free project sheet for this pretty quilt is on our website – click here!

Sunkissed Bedroom.jpg

Breakfast in bed would be divine with these pillowcases to brighten your morning!

We hope you love these fabrics and run over to your local quilt shop to get inspired! Get creative and add to your stash!!!

Dear Fabric Store Worker....: