Think Spring…Gnome Matter What!

While preparing for QuiltCon, it was clear we wanted to have a fabulous grand prize basket of fabric!  Of course, we wanted to feature Gnome Matter What, our newest collection in shops now!  Fabric flowers came to mind… I mean, who doesn’t love flowers?


We love how these blossomed 🙂

Our friend, Jane Headley, designed these quick and easy flowers that really make a statement!  There was so much ❤ for these beauties,  we decided to make a free project download to share on our website!    Click here to check out our Inspiration page on our website with instructions to create these flowers and a variety of other projects!

These flowers could be fantastic in almost any fabric but we simply adore the Pixies and Gnome Matter What featured here…


No need to water!

Because we love this collection so much.. here’s another glimpse of the different fabrics designed by Alicia Jacobs Dujets for Ink & Arrow Fabrics!

_Gnome Matter What 3

Gnomes and pinwheels and flamingos oh my!

Alicia’s illustrative style lends a whimsical flair to this very on-trend group!  We are seeing flamingos everywhere…and… where else can you find flamingos, mushrooms, gnomes and snails in the same fabric?  🙂  It’s the quirky spin on a subject, fabulous color and lighthearted approach that make Ink & Arrow Fabrics perfect for so many projects!  Because fabric should be fun!   What will you create?

gnome pouf

Before we go, here is another project that is in-the-works… a Gnome Matter What floor pouf!   We will release this free project in the next couple of weeks, check back on our website at the Inspiration page to find out how to make this super cute home decor accessory!

Designed by Theresa Romeo, this project is fun and the perfect pillow to sit and sketch in the garden!  Keep an eye out for a little gnome or snail friend… don’t worry, they are super friendly!





Every Month is Craft Month…

In case you didn’t know, last month (March…is that already last month?) was National Crafting Month.  We wanted to show how easy it is to incorporate fabrics into everyday crafting and have some fun.   Our employee-owners, Isabelle and Robin, went to town creating a bunch of super creative and fun projects with our fabrics.   One of our sayings around here is “No Rules Just Fabric”.   We created this as a hashtag  so feel free to create and instagram with us.  We also have it as a pinterest board, click here to take a peek.  I mean… the more creativity the better right?

Why not think outside the sewing box 😉


Scraps of fabric…. or an opportunity knocking 🙂

What to make?  That is the question….  Here are a few of the crafts we made.

Unless you live under a rock (admittedly, sometimes I think it would be nice) you’ve noticed that letters are a super popular decorating theme now.  Head into your favorite craft or hobby store and check it out!  We bought these chip-board letters and covered them in fabric – VOILA!  Instant pop of color!


_I&A Letters Final_three quarters

Totally fabulous 🙂

Hmmm… how about a mail or message organizer?  Super fast!  Take a large embroidery hoop, fold the fabric so there is no raw edge, and layer!  SHAZAAAMM…you have instant organization…no sewing, no gluing and practically done in minutes!  Oh, and just so you know, the back of this hoop is a hot mess!  Who cares?  It’s hanging on the wall – nobody needs to know that – it’s our little secret!  You could paint the hoop or keep it natural as we did here.

_Talk to Me hoop2

‘Talk to Me’ Message Station – Umm.. yes, please!

Talk to Me Hoop1

Talk to Me… messages… get it?  See what we did there? 

Want a quick way to make your closet or dresser look legit?   How about cutting fabric with pinking shears and lining a basket… tie it with a coordinating ribbon and POW!


ooh la la basket

‘Ooh La La’ Lined basket – a pretty little accent for your boudoir.

Instant Decor?  Sure, no problem.  Buy inexpensive stretched canvas from the craft store and cover with your favorite fabric.  All you need to do is keep it flat and staple it to the back and then YOWZA!  You have a great little piece of art.   If you like to change things up frequently like I do, just remove and replace the fabric.  You’ll still be able to use the fabric scrap for another project!  That’s fabulous!

_pixie canvas table

Just a little something to add to the decor


It starts innocently enough… but then you will add more and more – trust me 🙂

And now… the Pièce de Résistance…  (although we love all of our crafts equally) are the Pixie Dot flowers created by Robin.  Fold and gather the fabric, add floral tape and put it in a pretty vase – add some pussy willows and TA DAH!   Of course, I simplified the process  a bit (just as Robin makes all her crafting look easier) but…you get the point!

Forever flowers to brighten every day!  🙂

_Pixie Flowers_straight on brighter 3


_Pixie Flowers_straight on brighter 4

Pretty as a Pixie!

Check back next week because we’ll have more crafts to share with you.  Like I said, every month is craft month if that’s what you enjoy doing!  Happy Crafting!!!