From Big Rusty to Steampunk Halloween©

Our friend and designer, Desiree Habicht of Desiree’s Designs, gives insight into the inspiration for her Steampunk Halloween Collection. Check out this funky and fantastical group of characters, in shops now!

Art for me has always been about being inspired by things around me while using lots of different elements and ideas to create something unique and special.  I have always loved gardening and with that comes lots of rusty tools, gears and things that have interesting shapes and textures. I also love to create faux finishes like leathers and marbling. As an artist I think I see more details and colors than most people. I think it comes from drawing and painting so much that it trains you to see the hues, the details and the textures of an object instead of just the object. You might see a tree, but I see the lights, the darks, structure and the negative spaces too. 

With that in mind we were on a trip to Portland Oregon for the Spring Market. We were driving through a small town in Oregon when I saw a bunch of old rusty gardening tools that had been transformed into animals. I yelled to Randy to “pull over” and I jumped out of the van before it stopped moving. We wandered through this odd and crazy zoo. It was love at first sight. We were planning on stopping to see my mom in Northern California on our way home and I just had to bring her one of these awesome, crazy creatures for her garden. We decided on Big Rusty, a wonky, crazy looking bird made of a shovel, rototiller tines, rebar, faucet handles etc. We had our van full of stuff from the show, so we had to tie Big Rusty onto the roof of the van. As we drove, I could see his silhouette on the road. He wasn’t small or light. He was about 4 ft tall and he must have weighed about 30lbs.

Big Rusty in the Garden

We laughed at ourselves and what people must have thought about us driving with Big Rusty tied to the roof. As we drove and I watched his shadow on the road as he was traveling with us it started me thinking about creating animals out of odd things, some rusty, some shiny. Nail heads and gears all lent themselves to this idea that was starting to take shape, odd shape, but shape, nonetheless.

I started by sketching some simple Kitty’s that were all made from gears, springs, rakes and anything metal I could think of. That is why I originally called it Steampunk Kitty. Being a bit dark and different I thought that Halloween would be a good time to release the line. As I began to develop the line, it changed, becoming more colorful and interesting since dark rusty gears and automotive springs for cats weren’t very colorful or fun for fabric.

As I began to paint, I knew we needed some complex backgrounds and rich colors to make the line come alive. I pulled from the many faux finishes and mixed media backgrounds that I had created years ago to help pull all the elements together to form this fabric line. The bugs were actual paintings I did for an apothecary shop looking design that I loved but never used. I wanted it to have that kind of a look, so it was morphing as I let my design create itself with the bits of art, I had been saving for just this occasion.

The main characters developed into their own personalities. Sir Ives (the owl) the old, wise scientist, the keeper of time and knowledge. Nicholi Jeeters (the Cat) loves gears and diodes and keeps the rhythm for the group. Then there is Phineas (the crow), this quirky persona is fun loving and adventuresome. He holds the keys to unlock the wonders of the air.

The pumpkins (pin head, shrunken head and zipperhead) were added to bring in the element of Halloween. I wanted to keep the line fun, bright and interesting, true to my brand and not too dark or scary! It was a happy, fun steampunk. I hope you love it as much as I do. It is a truly inspired line that came about by allowing my imagination to keep refining the original idea until we arrived at the final characters who became Steampunk Halloween. We are now working on the next one! 

There are great machine embroidery patterns to accompany this collection coming soon from Desiree’s Designs! Sign up for her newsletter (on her website) to learn when they will be available.

Left: Desiree, and her husband Randy were stars of Quilt Market in Houston. Bringing the steampunk style to life! Below: Desiree, Randy and daughter Jenn… a Steampunk family!

Steampunk Halloween is in shops now and ready for your creative projects! Stay tuned – we will announce a contest with Desiree on Friday 4/24!!!


QT @ Houston Quilt Market Recap #1

We’re back!  What a whirlwind!  Every year, summer ends and the anticipation of Quilt Market sets in,  and then POOF…it’s over!  We have two of these trade shows per year and this is our opportunity to share our newest fabric lines with shop owners, pattern makers, magazine editors, etc., etc.  It’s a great way to share our excitement for our upcoming collections!  Since this is an industry event, we wanted to share some of the experience of Market with you.

We had our main QT booth and also a booth dedicated to our Antiquities fabric brand.

First up, here’s our “Sneak Peek”  it’s a little display at the front of the convention center giving shops a peek of what they will find in the booth.  This year, we decided to have fun with yo-yos!  Who doesn’t love a fabric yo-yo?!?!?!?



For the QT display, we featured “Bleecker Street”, a lovely little floral group featuring pretty and petite flower prints to brighten your day!  Just imagine riding your vintage bike down a cobblestone street in your favorite A-line skirt and kitten heels to grab a mochaccino with the girls!  This group coming to your favorite quilt shop in December!

From Sneak Peek to booth – here’s a few photos of the Bleecker Street display!


Sigh… just lovely… we will talk more about this fantastic collection and our collaboration with Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Springs.  She’s one of our favorite designers who also collaborates with Aurifil!  You won’t want to miss that!!!


Loving the pops of color and the geometric feel of these quilts & apparel.

Another important part of Quilt Market are the “Schoolhouse” events.  These classes present different topics to educate attendees on everything from using a new technique to building their business.   We were proud to offer our Schoolhouse, “I Don’t Sew, I Quilt”  which was in reference to the many shop owners who are die-hard quilting fans and, as a result,  may be missing out on capturing the sewing/diy-ing/crafting markets.  People love fabric and not just for quilting!   Our Creative Manager, Cyndi Hershey, and Regional Sales Manager, Sarah Maylath presented ideas on how to engage different types of sewists and quilters with fun projects, patterns and ideas.  It was a great way to share some of our ideas and experience!



Attendees received a bag including a binder with class information and a selection of goodies!

Continuing the yo-yo theme, we had Yo-Yo Plinko!  Our Master of Ceremonies, Brian (aka, Marketing Brand Manager extraordinaire) brought the fun to quilt market with our game and great prizes.  We always like to share a little something with our shop friends who come to see our newest lines.  They had a chance to win fat quarter bundles, strip rolls, merchandise discounts etc., etc.


Our friendly QT Game Show host!


A shop owner taking a chance on a Plinko prize!


Of course, we cannot forget our friends who also had booths at Market.  We wanted to be sure to shout out to them!

Our designers, Desiree Habicht and Janet Wecker-Frisch both had their own booths at Market and we displayed these panels in our QT booth to show off their newest lines!


A few of our Studio 8 collections…



These holiday collections will ship to shops in May 2017!

There you have your first look at Market.  So exciting for us to see everything come together.   Next week, we’ll show you our other booth, Antiquities.



QT Quilt Market – Salt Lake City Part 2

There was so much to see at Quilt Market, here is part 2 to share with you!

In order to offer as much variety in design as possible, we partner with several artists/designers to create their own collections for Quilting Treasures.  It’s great to be able to showcase their style in our booth.  One such designer is Desiree Habicht of Desiree’s Designs. Well-known in the industry for her whimsical, light-hearted art, her newest collection, It’s a Pond Party is absolutely adorable!  The fresh color palette and froggy fun hits stores in September!

pond party

A great little display showing her newest collection…. but there is more!

Desiree also had her own booth which was perfectly positioned next to ours! How fabulous!


Look at all of those great quilts and patterns… a booth full of FUN!


Here’s Desiree’s Owl in the Family fabric  – what a Hoot!

Next up!  We have Janet Wecker Frisch of Joy Studio.  Her inspired artwork is beautifully illustrated with a vintage flair.  Quilting B’s, her latest collection, is a blend of B-word associated objects…  how creative!

jwf booth

Striking black paired with pretty pastels and mid-tone color – very pretty!

Janet  blogged about her newest collection, Quilting B’s! Check it out here!



One of our Sales Managers, Larry is sitting in front of Janet’s Quilt Design.

In addition to artists, we collaborate with quilt designers in the industry as well! There are so many people involved in coordinating our quilt market, it’s so fun to see it all come together.   Pictured below, is a special Block of the Month Program developed by our friend, Karen Bialik of Fabric Addict.   She is a long time quilter and loves the Antiquities collections.  She decided to develop this program to offer in her shop and through Checker distributors as a pattern booklet – we were thrilled!   Check it out!

antiquities 3

Canterbury & Ashford collections shown in the “Twist the Night Away” Block of the Month!

This quilt is so pretty!  You can find out more information about the “Twist the Night Away” pattern on Karen’s website,


Here is a detail shot!

antiquities artworks

Next to Antiquities in our booth were our ArtWorks panels.  These are digitally printed fabric panels allowing for intricate detail of the original artwork.  we worked with Mountainpeek Creations to offer some different quilt patterns.

mtn peak2

Reflections Quilt Pattern by Kari Nichols of Mountainpeek Creations  (pic from their booth)

This Reflections quilt above uses the City Lights Panel as the feature.   This quilt will be available for sale  here.

mtn peak_3

The above quilt features our “Couple in Paris” panel and coordinating blender fabrics.  So pretty!  The quilt pattern is available here.


Here’s a sneak peek of our newer ArtWork panel designs.  Hitting stores in October!

And…. we are excited to introduce our Harmony collection – it’s a wonderful program of colorful blenders to take the guess-work out of mixing and matching colors for any project!  We used a big Color Wheel as a way to show off the fabrics and create a buzz!  Here’s Brian, one of our Marketing Brand Managers… when he is in the room, you are smiling!  He was the perfect game-show host at market!!!

Brian Color Wheel

Stay tuned, next week is HARMONY Week here at QT!  More to come!!!


Speaking of Lazy Little Lazybugs…

What a whirlwind!  The new year is upon us and it’s already mid January!  Can you believe it!?!?!?!?  We hope you had a relaxing and fun-filled holiday season!   Time to get back into the swing of things.

We are excited that our designer, Desiree Designs, will be attending the Road to California Quilt show!   January 21-24 in Ontario, CA.  We are proud to be Ruby Sponsors of this quilt show and we know it will be an awesome event!

For more information, check out the Road to California website.

Desiree Designs will be showcasing her fantastic art and patterns in booth # 1924-1926, if you are in the area, swing by and say hello!!!

Lazy Little Ladybugs is Desiree’s most recent collection.  Look at these adorable fabrics! What a great fabric line for your favorite little ladybug!

Click on the image below to see the rest of the collection at!

Lazy Little Ladybugs


“The Ladybug wears no disguises.
She is just what she advertises.
A speckled spectacle of spring,
A fashion statement on the wing….
A miniature orange kite.
A tiny dot-to-dot delight.”

J. Patrick Lewis

Until next time…Use QT to create something that is fabulous…something fantastic… something FABTASTIC!