A world of Color – Debi Payne Designs

Who doesn’t love a burst of color?   Someone who definitely shows her passion for color and design is our QT Fabrics designer, Debi Payne.

We were fortunate enough to interview Debi to share some insight into her world of color and we hope you enjoy!

The Carnivale collection has been a huge hit!  We know why – because our quilting and sewing friends enjoy a little color and WOW does Carnivale deliver!

Check out the entire collection here.

Onto the interview – enjoy getting to know our friend Debi!

Tell us a little about you and your work…

I am an artist and designer that creates whimsical art with bright, bold colors.  Even as a very little girl I always wanted to be an artist.  At age twelve I painted a large sunflower oil painting that was hung on display in the local public library.  As I stood in that library with its massively tall walls and saw my artwork hanging on the wall I knew in that moment, at that very young age, that my art was meant to be shared with others in as many was as possible.

How did you get started?

Once I decided that I wanted to license my art I first started reading anything and everything that I could find that talked about art licensing.  Today, there are so many classes and resources available today on the internet that I wish was available when I first started.

What inspires you most?

I am inspired by so many different things is so many different ways, however if I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be other artists because it is through them that I can see what is possible. Because, to me, once I really believe that something is possible, then I know that I am able to actually achieve it.

Are you more motivated by color or print?

Definitely color!  I love color and I love finding ways to shape color and have it make sense.

What’s one of your favorite projects? Why?

I have to admit that the Carnival collection has truly been one of my most favorite projects for two reasons, First, seeing the amazing response that everyone has had for the collection and second is seeing what people are creating from the collection. 

What advice would you give to a newbie to design?

  1. Don’t second guess yourself or your work. Go with your gut!
  2. Read and learn everything that you can about the business.
  3. Be patient because nothing happens over night and most things take years.
  4. I recently saw a documentary about Bob Hope. In it they said that Bob Hope woke up every morning asking himself, “how can I  promote Bob Hope today?”  I think that is a very good philosophy for all professional artists to adopt. 

Finish this statement: To me, success is…

 …other people finding joy in my art.

Three words that best describe you…

  1. Positive
  2. Imaginative
  3. Happy

Biggest challenge in your business

Just simply keeping up with everything that needs to done on a daily basis.  I have said many times that I could probably hire three full-time people and I would have plenty of work to keep them busy.

Rapid fire questions………………………………………………………………………………………………

Favorite color:   That’s like asking a mother which of her children is her favorite – they are all her favorite!  But if I have to choose just one, it would be red. 

Favorite food:   Mexican food/tacos

Favorite movie:  “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Most interesting place you’ve ever been:   Las Vegas.  My husband Tim and I lived there for 8 years and I loved it.  It was always changing and I was so inspired by the                     imagination and creativity of Vegas.

Favorite book:  “The Velveteen Rabbit”

Best gift you ever received:  Other than my children and my husband, the best physical    object gift I ever received was my wedding ring.

You have a whole day to yourself with no worries or obligations – what would you most want to do?   I would probably find a new art class that I could take where I            could learn something new and hang out with other artists.

Fun fact about you:  I can play the piano and I know how to ride a horse (but not at            the same time.)

You’re in a time machine – what year do you visit & why?  I know I wouldn’t go back in time because I have been there,  done that!  I think I would like to go to the year 2118.  I would like to see how long my art lasted and how well it stood up to time.  I might also see what I should be doing now to make that happen.

Favorite genre of music:  When I am in my studio working I listen to a mix of oldies and    jazz.

Here are some fabulous projects created with Carnivale!


This pattern is available at your favorite independent shop and at Lazy Girl Designs

Festive Blooms_Carnivale

Pattern available at your favorite independent fabric shop and at The Whimsical Workshop


Dresden Pouf Concept – So chic! Pattern available at Indygo Junction

Here is a creation from our lovely shop customer 35th Ave Sew & Vac in Phoenix, AZ  They created kits of this beautiful quilt – it features the fabrics so well and the black sashing really helps the color POP!


A QT Facebook friend created this gorgeous quilt and explained the process.  Becky explains…

Sending you some photos of our Stack and Whack (8 layer) that was made by me and my husband. He picked the fabrics, did the cutting and designing and I assembled. I’m sending these because the quilt is made with Carnival Floral Geometric JX. In fact, when we walked into J&B Fabrics in Sunset, LA, Belinda had just received her bolt. That Day (my husband) and another customer split the bolt! So, I fully understand how popular this fabric is! We really enjoyed making this quilt and will be hopefully be submitting it for competition soon. We’ve named her Champagne Carnival, because of all the bubbles! Did a Mardi Gras mask motif in center and fleurdelis on the borders.


It’s great to learn more about our designer friends, we love how Debi’s passion for color and design has inspired so many other people.  What will you make???

Enter to win a fat quarter bundle of the complete Carnivale Collection by commenting here on this blog post or Facebook post with your favorite fabric from Carnivale!

We’ll announce the winners next week on 2/22 at 3pm!  



Fabric Addicts Unite – Not Your Garden Variety!

Hello friends!  It’s a rainy day here at my office but I have no worries!  Our newest collection hitting shops now, is just the thing to keep me smiling and thinking of springtime flowers!  After all, “April showers, bring May flowers” right?

Not Your Garden Variety by Cindy Sepp for Studio 8… you must add to your stash! 🙂

_Not Your Garden Variety_stack 2

Don’t you just love the swirly style?!?


Cindy is one of our employee-owner,  in-house designers who has been with QT for over 4 years.  We are thrilled to introduce her inaugural collection for Studio 8… Not only because she is incredibly talented, but also, because Cindy is a delightfully darling person!  The bold contrast of black & white with bright & vivid color is so fabulous and fresh!  Think of the many different creative applications for this  beautiful fabric.. we’re excited to see what you all create!

_Not Your Garden Variety_fanned 1

Spring has sprung!  Contemporary chic in gorgeous colors… this is Not Your Garden Variety floral collection!


How about this “Betsy” Apron from Indygo Junction featuring Not Your Garden Variety?

_Not Your Garden Variety_3.jpg



This Indygo Junction Lg. Bag from “Ruffle Trio” is so flirty and swirly for spring!

Head to your local fabric shop and ask them about this fun collection!  There are lots of possibilities, enjoy sewing|quilting |crafting with “Not Your Garden Variety”

We’ll be back with more fabrics you just have to “add to your stash!”










I&A at Quilt Market – Recap Part 2!

Ready for more?   We are still recovering from Market…our crates have arrived for unpacking, ugh.  We are trying to sort through all of the great information we discovered and of course, we are always planning different ways to share our newest fabrics with everyone!!!

The last recap, part 1, was an overview of the booth and the approach to our booth’s display.   This time, we’ll share the different collections and samples we had made of them.  So much collaboration and team work is involved in making our Quilt Market a success.  It’s great to be able to blog afterward and share our efforts with those who could not attend.

Let’s go collection by collection OK?   Pixie Dots are scattered throughout our entire booth, of course; they are the quintessential coordinate for all I&A fabrics!


We were thrilled when Jessica of Sew Many Creations agreed to make her “Spinners” quilt with all Pixie Dots.  How fantastic is this quilt?  Click her logo below to see other great designs on her website!


Just ❤ the quilting detail!!!

Pixie Dots play well with all sorts of projects.  How about this awesome tote bag from Indygo Junction?  The Tote-All Patchwork Tote, Pixie-fied inside and out! ❤



Another great pattern from Indygo Junction showing some Pixie Dot love is  shown here with The Everyday Tray.


pixietrays_wmWe could talk about Pixie Dots for days…. instead, let’s move onto some of the collections featured in our booth.


But wait, here’s a reminder of the yo-yo greatness ———>

Beyond Pixie Dots, we featured 7 of the most recent collections from Ink & Arrow.   It was great to have little vignettes of the different collections – it made for a lot of impact!

First up, a first for us…. flannel & baby!   Our inaugural baby collection, Little Buggers by Alicia Dujets is shipping this month!  It is offered in flat and flannel cotton, perfect for your favorite little one.   These bugs are not pests, they are darling dragonflies, busy bumblebees and little ladybugs happily buzzing along together! In a perfectly gender neutral color palette, this collection of fabrics will be useful for nursery gifts and decor.


Soft & Crisp – How can that be?  Soft flannel cotton with crisp detailed printing!

The above quilt is one we had whipped up for Market- it was a modified version of our Charleston quilt project.   The same block pattern but in an overall crib size quilt.  It showed off the flannel quite nicely 🙂


This One Thimble pattern “Archie Shirt” is perfect for your little bugger (toddler)  Sew cute!

I haizzy-and-ivy-logove a little niece named Josephine Peach (Josie)… I know… great name!   When I spoke with our friend,  Jessica, at Izzy & Ivy Designs, I had little Josie (my brother calls her Bug) in mind for a fabulous little ensemble to wear!   Izzy & Ivy Designs always delivers!  We couldn’t be happier with the dress and jacket.  In fact, we didn’t want to cover up the dress with the jacket so we showed them separately.















Jordan Baby Strap Shoes pattern from I Think Sew!  * notice the ladybug button…swoon*  And, the trend of making diaper covers continues…



Josie girl…. 🙂

But, just imagine…

…that dress

…the jacket

…those shoes…and

<—————THESE CHEEKS!!!!!!

Little fashionista!  Umm.. only thing, she needs to grow a bit before she’ll fit into that outfit… sigh…




Next, shipping in December (yay, that is soon!) is Sweet Rebellion by Felicia Gallo for I&A!  This collection offers soft and sweet florals contrasted with sugar skulls and bicycle chains!  Just a tad rebellious while retaining it’s feminine flair!


This sassy quilt, designed by Heidi Pridemore of the Whimsical Workshop, is available at our website!


sweet-rebellion-3_smSewn & quilted by Jessie Holbert.

We absolutely adore how Jessie stitched sugar skull details on some of the circles and squares, not to mention the great circles and lines of quilting throughout!

On to the fashion!  This collection was asking to be made into a sassy vintage-type dress and wristlet.   Thanks to Kay Whitt at Serendipity Studio, who provided the pattern for this great dress!



“Sally Shirtdress” pattern just shines.  Thanks to Jane Headley for whipping this up (and a ton of other samples) in time for Market even though the requests kept coming 🙂




That belt though…. 🙂   Great job Jane!!!

And… in the first photo you’ll see a wristlet.  Here’s another picture hand-modeled by our own Marketing Assistant, Isabelle.. she happens to take almost all of our pictures (thanks Isabelle)   This is the Fold & Go Wristlet from Indygo Junction in sassy Sweet Rebellion.


The bling bangle bracelet was a great addition to this bag.   Thanks to Theresa Romeo for sewing this up for us – we are so lucky to have so many talented sewists on our team!


Donna Vintage Handbag by Swoon Patterns.  Sewn for us by Theresa Romeo.  This little lady is such a great handbag!  We ❤ how it came together!!!


We hope you explore the patterns we’ve used throughout our booth (click on our friend’s logos and links!) It is so much fun to find patterns to work with the different fabric prints;  one of my favorite parts of the job!

Oh, there is so much more… we’ll let you pour over those collections for now!!!  Stay tuned, next time is part 3 of our recap!!!





PIXIES GIVEAWAY & Designer Shout Out!!!

Pixies week means giveaways!!!  Here’s one for you to try for…


_Pixies Frame_back

If you guess correctly (without going over.. .we’re channeling our friend, Bob Barker) you can win 1/2 yard of each of our current in-stock PIXIES!   Umm.. that’s like almost 11 yards of pixies –  a pixies palooza!!!  See details in our facebook post!!!


Designer Shout Out

Here’s a little inAliciaSelfiesight from the Pixies designer – Alicia Jacobs Dujets  (check out her bow!)


IandAquestion Quick!  What’s your favorite pixies color??!!??!!

Alicia:  I hope this is allowed, but two immediately come to mind! The first is Seafoam because it was one of the originals that was introduced with the Talk To Me line. It is a staple to the Pixies collection and is one of a few that make me feel nostalgic. My second pick is Navy which was introduced a bit later, but I’ve always been a sucker for a nice, rich navy. The two of them together would make a great pair though, and now you’ve got me thinking about projects to make with these two…

IandAquestion Pixies projects…anything you’d love to see or do?

Alicia: I have been blown away by the creativity being poured into Pixie projects ever since they first started popping up, I can’t even imagine what’s to come! Since I love teeny tiny things and am constantly pushing the limit with how small we can go on designs (have you noticed how small the Pixie dots are?) I would love to see someone make a shirt for their hamster or something. Can someone please do that? I’d probably even settle for a guinea pig shirt, that’s still pretty small if you think about it.

 Well, we don’t have a hamster shirt… yet… but here are some other adorable teeny pixies projects from our team here and our pixies fans!

pixies table chairs

I&A Dollhouse furniture – PIXIE-fied!

pixie furniture in glass Pamela Truenow

Fan creation – Pamela Truenow…Just add a hamster?


FabriFlair from IndygoJunction

Indygo Junctions new patterns – FabriFlair – great pieced objects with fabric!  

IandAquestion People love Pixies because…

Alicia: Pixies are so versatile, they can be the focal point of a project or a supporting design to something much more complicated and this is exactly what makes them so easy to fall in love with. Since I designed them as a small coordinate for Ink & Arrow collections I didn’t originally imagine them being a stand-alone design, but I remember the first time I saw our Pixie Dots Quilt (Stereo by Jaybird Quilts) in person and it was a game changer for me. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s made entirely of Pixies and the color is incredible! I believe it was made with every color we offered at the time it was constructed and this is solid proof that you really can do anything with Pixies, whether you’re mixing and matching them with other designs or with each other. Since color is the key element, the Pixie is something that can keep evolving (and has!) with every collection we release. We may even have some tricks up our sleeve for future Pixies, but you’ll have to stick with us to see what we’ve got planned!

_Stereo Quilt, windy_lowres.jpg

Here is the Stereo Quilt (Jaybird Quilts) made for us by Anne Cowan- great swirly stitching!!!

24300 Z repeat

Fun fact!…………………………………………………………..

City Life was the first collection ever established for Ink & Arrow and the Pixies dot is actually taken from a pattern of tiny windows in some of the buildings in the Rooftop Gardens design. They are sprinkled everywhere throughout that design and now you’ll never be able to unsee them!  🙂

_Stereo Quilt, detail 1_lores.jpg


We’ll announce a winner on Thursday!  Get to guessing!





Must add to your stash – November


We have the perfect collection for those of us who are in denial that winter is coming… Floral Fantasy!  Think Spring and sophistication.  Pretty colors, on-trend watercolor styling, it’s just the touch of hope we need to remember that the flowers will bloom again!  In stores now so add it to your stash, or better yet, create something vibrant and fresh while sipping hot cocoa – a nice distraction.


IJ LG RUFFLEFloralFantasy

Indygo Junction Pattern : IJ941 Ruffled Trio (Large Bag Shown)



Simply cut & hem! Creates a quick refresh for the table!


You’re only here for a short visit.  Don’t hurry, don’t worry.  And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.         

-Walter Hagen


 Until next time…Use QT to create something that is fabulous…something fantastic… something FABTASTIC!