Lazy Girl Designs – Sew Inspired!

The best part of working in this industry is meeting creative, like-minded friends.  We are thrilled to work with Joan Hawley from Lazy Girl Designs.  Get to know this lovely lady; you’ll definitely want to become a Lazy Girl!

We hope you enjoy this peek into the super-creative, fun and sew-inspired world of Lazy Girl Designs!

QT:  Tell us a little about you and your company

In the studio1

Joan in her happy place!

Lazy Girl Designs is absolutely an extension of me and my rocky, semi-successful, journey as a sewist. It’s not that I’m not accomplished. It’s that I learned different things from my sewing experience. Being tall, I made my own work wardrobe for years. I even made a wedding dress for a friend. That was all great. But I love to sew for sewing’s sake. And I no longer need a closet full of office attire. I think fabric crafting should be fun. So now I like to make things. They aren’t quilts, apparel, or home-dec. It’s the in-between stuff like bags, accessories, etc. Little, fun, functional, gifty, easy-to-make, feel-good creations.


QT:  How did you get started in sewing/crafting/making?

A Home-Ec class in the 7th grade started my sewing passion. I remember the feeling of excitement when I was at the store picking out my first pattern and fabrics/supplies. It was like building my own puzzle. Working my way around the store, selecting fabric first, then trim/notions, and finally thread. It was like a scavenger hunt in which I decide what to collect or find. I was building something as I shopped. As the contents of my shopping cart grew, I could see the finished project in my mind. I was working my way toward bringing that project to life with each acquisition from around the store. What was this first project that set me on a course to today? It was a two-piece, red, terry jogging suit (pants and a zip jacket) with white trim on the pants and sleeves. I made it. It fit. I loved it. I was proud and empowered…and also very red.

QT:  What inspires you most?

I am like a dog with a bone when something inspires me. It’s all I can think about. I forget to eat, I can’t sleep, I’m stuck until it’s done. I love this pursuit of the final creation. For me, inspiration and intrigue are everywhere.

In the studio3

Where the Lazy Girl magic happens!

QT:  What’s the worst sewing experience you’ve ever had?

Oh, let me tell you! I call these sewing scars. The worst was a project that stopped me in my tracks – after I bought everything needed. It was a two-piece suit. The pattern had 19 pieces for the jacket, and suddenly, every seam felt like an opportunity for me to fail. That sounds awful, I know. But when you’ve argued with projects and broken up before finishing, you don’t want to go down that road again. We invest time, love, and money and don’t want to be crushed. And for me, those negative feelings become attached to that project. I can’t bring myself to go back, pick it up again and finish.

QT:  Have your ‘sewing scars’ shaped your pattern line?

Yes, absolutely. Due to my own sewing tragedies, I keep my projects within a safe playground. And I think the journey should be as enjoyable as getting there.

Here’s my framework:
– No binding, piecing, or hand work
– No more than five fabrics
– Require supplies found in your basic fabric shop
– One new tip, trick, or technique to build your skills
– If you can cut and sew a straight line, you can make anything I design.

In the studio6

A place for everything….

In the studio4

…and everything in its place!  🙂

QT:  How do you decide on a project for a new pattern?

When designing or considering a pattern, I ask myself: Do I need it? Can I make it? Can I innovate the construction? Can I teach something in the project? Is it fun? Will my Lazies enjoy the journey as much as the finish?

QT: What drives your passion for designing patterns:  color, print or silhouette?

I’m completely driven by the symphony of where function, construction, beauty, and learning meet to create an enjoyable journey. It’s like a really good movie that has strong characters, great acting, an amazing story line, and beautiful scenery. I love when something hits all the high notes and draws me in.

QT:  Sewing sounds like a philosophical pursuit for you…

Yes! My extra big nerdy-ness is showing. I find it fascinating that our daily lives are filled with stitched things. Shoes, furniture, car interiors, clothes, accessories, books, etc. Everywhere you see (or don’t see) a stitch – it was sewn. The world is humming with the whirl of needle and thread, everywhere, all the time, making things for us. Stitching is a universally basic building block. Something is being stitched right now.

In the studio5

QT:  Do you speak another language?

I’m fluent in fabric-crafting as a language. Fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, interfacing, etc are our words. It’s up to us to construct sentences and dialogue with these components. When I see something interesting that sparks question marks, I see it in my fabric crafting ‘words’. I ask myself if I can do that in fabric. What does that look like? Can I build it? How would that work? Could it be a launching point for something else?

QT:  Give an example of your fabric-speak…

My Button Boats project is a perfect example. I follow food bloggers and saw an interesting food tray on Instagram. It didn’t speak to me, it yelled at me. The blogger was showcasing sushi but all I saw was the architecture of the food tray. I thought the structure was really cool and I just knew I could think of fabric as architectural components (Lego blocks, Lincoln Logs, Jenga). I combined my fabric and interfacing to create firm sheets as building materials. They had fabric on both sides, like a sandwich. Simply cut the size and shape needed, then combine to make things. Cut, stack, sew, embellish. It’s a new building block. I designed a whole collection of patterns made using these sandwiches. All of that came from a picture of sushi yelling at me.

QT:  What types of stitching do you like to do?

There is a great big buffet of fun awaiting every sewing adventure, whether you are dreaming, buying, making, collecting, sharing, or learning. The universe of sewing is a 24/7 non-stop party. Grab a big plate, belly up to the buffet and discover what makes your soul sing. From time to time as a stitchy person, you’ll wear different hats or experience different elements of sewing.

QT:  What type of sewist are you?

I call myself a ‘thinger’. I make things. I’m a little sew-y, a little quilt-y, but mostly I make things. I started Lazy Girl because there weren’t any projects for people like me. I felt there must be others looking to play in the areas between apparel sewing, home dec, and quilting.

QT:  What else has your love and attention?

I love testing a new recipe or cooking tool. If there’s a dog nearby, I need to smooch on it and that usually happens. All the neighborhood dogs know where Aunt Joanie lives. When dogs get loose in the neighborhood, they often end up at my door.

QT: What advice would you give to a newbie to sewing/crafting?

Don’t be shy, find your sewing community, decide what brings you joy and run toward it. Find your local quilt shop, go in and say ‘Hi’. Tell them you are new and ask for tour of the store. Find out about projects, classes, supplies. Ask friends if they sew and let them know you want some guidance. When deciding on a project, I usually ask myself ‘How wrong can I go?’ What’s the worst that can happen? It’s just fabric and time.

QT:  What’s your biggest fear?

Running out of the supply I need. I’ve been there. It’s not fun!

QT:  Finish this statement:  To me, success is…

…enjoyment. That says it all.

We just love everything about Lazy Girl Designs!

Introducing, the newest pattern from Lazy Girl Designs:  Banana Bag

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This will become your new sewing obsession! Who doesn’t love a little grab & go bag?

Banana Bag Small Zipper Pouch5a

So pretty – featuring our QT Fabrics – Hayden!

We want you to be able to make these pretties yourself!

Head over to our Facebook Page tomorrow, Friday, April 13, and look for the Hayden/Lazy Girl Designs Giveaway!  

You’re one step away!

A world of Color – Debi Payne Designs

Who doesn’t love a burst of color?   Someone who definitely shows her passion for color and design is our QT Fabrics designer, Debi Payne.

We were fortunate enough to interview Debi to share some insight into her world of color and we hope you enjoy!

The Carnivale collection has been a huge hit!  We know why – because our quilting and sewing friends enjoy a little color and WOW does Carnivale deliver!

Check out the entire collection here.

Onto the interview – enjoy getting to know our friend Debi!

Tell us a little about you and your work…

I am an artist and designer that creates whimsical art with bright, bold colors.  Even as a very little girl I always wanted to be an artist.  At age twelve I painted a large sunflower oil painting that was hung on display in the local public library.  As I stood in that library with its massively tall walls and saw my artwork hanging on the wall I knew in that moment, at that very young age, that my art was meant to be shared with others in as many was as possible.

How did you get started?

Once I decided that I wanted to license my art I first started reading anything and everything that I could find that talked about art licensing.  Today, there are so many classes and resources available today on the internet that I wish was available when I first started.

What inspires you most?

I am inspired by so many different things is so many different ways, however if I had to choose just one, I think it would have to be other artists because it is through them that I can see what is possible. Because, to me, once I really believe that something is possible, then I know that I am able to actually achieve it.

Are you more motivated by color or print?

Definitely color!  I love color and I love finding ways to shape color and have it make sense.

What’s one of your favorite projects? Why?

I have to admit that the Carnival collection has truly been one of my most favorite projects for two reasons, First, seeing the amazing response that everyone has had for the collection and second is seeing what people are creating from the collection. 

What advice would you give to a newbie to design?

  1. Don’t second guess yourself or your work. Go with your gut!
  2. Read and learn everything that you can about the business.
  3. Be patient because nothing happens over night and most things take years.
  4. I recently saw a documentary about Bob Hope. In it they said that Bob Hope woke up every morning asking himself, “how can I  promote Bob Hope today?”  I think that is a very good philosophy for all professional artists to adopt. 

Finish this statement: To me, success is…

 …other people finding joy in my art.

Three words that best describe you…

  1. Positive
  2. Imaginative
  3. Happy

Biggest challenge in your business

Just simply keeping up with everything that needs to done on a daily basis.  I have said many times that I could probably hire three full-time people and I would have plenty of work to keep them busy.

Rapid fire questions………………………………………………………………………………………………

Favorite color:   That’s like asking a mother which of her children is her favorite – they are all her favorite!  But if I have to choose just one, it would be red. 

Favorite food:   Mexican food/tacos

Favorite movie:  “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Most interesting place you’ve ever been:   Las Vegas.  My husband Tim and I lived there for 8 years and I loved it.  It was always changing and I was so inspired by the                     imagination and creativity of Vegas.

Favorite book:  “The Velveteen Rabbit”

Best gift you ever received:  Other than my children and my husband, the best physical    object gift I ever received was my wedding ring.

You have a whole day to yourself with no worries or obligations – what would you most want to do?   I would probably find a new art class that I could take where I            could learn something new and hang out with other artists.

Fun fact about you:  I can play the piano and I know how to ride a horse (but not at            the same time.)

You’re in a time machine – what year do you visit & why?  I know I wouldn’t go back in time because I have been there,  done that!  I think I would like to go to the year 2118.  I would like to see how long my art lasted and how well it stood up to time.  I might also see what I should be doing now to make that happen.

Favorite genre of music:  When I am in my studio working I listen to a mix of oldies and    jazz.

Here are some fabulous projects created with Carnivale!


This pattern is available at your favorite independent shop and at Lazy Girl Designs

Festive Blooms_Carnivale

Pattern available at your favorite independent fabric shop and at The Whimsical Workshop


Dresden Pouf Concept – So chic! Pattern available at Indygo Junction

Here is a creation from our lovely shop customer 35th Ave Sew & Vac in Phoenix, AZ  They created kits of this beautiful quilt – it features the fabrics so well and the black sashing really helps the color POP!


A QT Facebook friend created this gorgeous quilt and explained the process.  Becky explains…

Sending you some photos of our Stack and Whack (8 layer) that was made by me and my husband. He picked the fabrics, did the cutting and designing and I assembled. I’m sending these because the quilt is made with Carnival Floral Geometric JX. In fact, when we walked into J&B Fabrics in Sunset, LA, Belinda had just received her bolt. That Day (my husband) and another customer split the bolt! So, I fully understand how popular this fabric is! We really enjoyed making this quilt and will be hopefully be submitting it for competition soon. We’ve named her Champagne Carnival, because of all the bubbles! Did a Mardi Gras mask motif in center and fleurdelis on the borders.


It’s great to learn more about our designer friends, we love how Debi’s passion for color and design has inspired so many other people.  What will you make???

Enter to win a fat quarter bundle of the complete Carnivale Collection by commenting here on this blog post or Facebook post with your favorite fabric from Carnivale!

We’ll announce the winners next week on 2/22 at 3pm!