It’s Ink & Arrow



We’re here!!!  Well, we’ve been here working to bring Ink & Arrow out into the world, but we had to wait until just now to yell it from the rooftops!!!

Fabric Shout Out

It’s been hard to keep my trap shut 😉  Needless to say, I have been bursting with excitement…  The first collection City Life ships in December.  That means we are just 2 weeks away!  Just in time for holiday sewing, crafting, creating, making… you get the idea!

When I was a little girl, I would be the one who yelled surprise before the rest of the room!  I would blurt out good news to anyone in my path… (good thing I had chubby cheeks and pig tails or I would have gotten into lots of trouble spilling all those beans)… I’m so glad we have arrived!

When I think of Ink & Arrow Fabrics, I smile.  🙂  There are quirky little hidden icons in each of the designs, there is a sense of humor and a fun twist to each collection.  The goal with these fabrics is to just have fun and create.  #NoRulesJustFabric.

Our fabric is FUN and it can be used for a million different things…

What will you create with Ink & Arrow?





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