Fa La La La Laaaaa La La La Last minute Christmas Giveaway!!!

Gotta love working up to the last minute on gifts.  I am super skilled at procrastination.  I would have my doctorate in this subject, if it were offered.   Every year, my parents would pull their hair out because the day before the big Christmas party at school I would take over the kitchen table and have all of my elves (read:  my parents:  willing or not) help me finish up my holiday extravaganza of presents…Of course, this is part of my charm right?

It’s that time of year, when last minute Christmas presents are being whipped up and we have just the thing to help you out.  If you are like the many people who are last minute crafters/sewers/creators like me…. I have a little giveaway for you!!!!

Here’s how to win!

Check out our last blog,  Color, featuring Dan Morris’ Scrollscapes fabric  and let me know your favorite color by commenting on the blog & you will be eligible to win!    That’s pretty easy wouldn’t you say?

Comment by Friday 12/18 at 10AM so we can send out your prize just in time to whip it up for Christmas.   You’ll have plenty of time – especially if you wait until the last minute.  That’s the beauty of working with Fabric panels, they are a wonderful quick-fix way to show off your talents and to share the joy!

I will pick 3 people at random who will win one of the following fabric sets!

Laurie Cook’s Jolly Old Saint Nick Pattern/fabric!



Tips from the Gang – Peanuts Fabric Book Panel

5ea732679901a4fe613763f8309d8a4a© Peanuts Worldwide LLC.

A Christmas Story – Panel & Coordinates



Until next time…Use QT to create something that is fabulous…something fantastic… something FABTASTIC!


12 thoughts on “Fa La La La Laaaaa La La La Last minute Christmas Giveaway!!!

  1. Love his color wheel. I would have to stick to my tried and true purple. I would love to get my hands on the Jolly Old Saint Nick pattern and fabric. Thank you for the giveaway.

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  2. I love love love the bronze. But I might feel just as strongly about the hunter green. Such beautiful rich colors in having a hard time picking just one!

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  3. I love Cobalt-scrollscapes. I always looked forward to the start of grade school every year because I received a NEW box of crayons! These were the only crayons I got for the year. The old crayons after school was out I got to keep at home. I always tried to keep my school crayons very neat.

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