Hello Again…Talk to Me!

Sometimes, things are so fabulous, you can’t stop talking about them.  That is how I feel about our Talk to Me collection of fabrics.   Admittedly, I enjoy anything and everything with a retro/vintage vibe.  I listen to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin on the regular.  I swoon over retro gadgets and home decor when I am out antiquing.  I’m thinking I should have been alive in the 1950’s and 60’s, preferably living in an episode of ‘Mad Men’, with Don Draper escorting me to a swanky soiree… 🙂

Our friends at Izzy & Ivy Designs have another show stopper for you using our Talk to Me collection.  I ❤ this little girl so much – she is a little starlet with a lot of sass!

I’m pretty sure she’s sweet talking her crush right now…

These fabrics shipped to stores mid-January and are available at a local quilt shop near you!   Visit our website to find out more and see other fabulously fun fabrics!

❤ the Pixie Dots detail with lace trim and pink buttons 🙂  Click above for their blog!

Do you remember talking on the phone for hours with the phone cord across the hall and into your bedroom?   Did you enjoy typing a fan letter to your Hollywood crush?   How about watching TV with the rabbit ears?  … So much nostalgia and so much FUN!

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