For the Land of the Free …

Hello all! Before we get into the yummy pictures of fabric, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Isabelle and I am one of the employee-owners here at Quilting Treasures. Today, I will be guest hosting this blog post!

If you ever wondered who takes the pictures of our scrumptious fabric, it’s usually me 🙂 I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in painting, but I love working creatively whether it’s painting, sewing, or photography! And I feel very, very lucky to be able to work with high quality fabrics!

But enough about me … let’s get to the fabric!!

_Pledge of Allegiance 1

As Memorial Day approaches next month, we wanted to dedicate this week to all of our fallen soldiers, veterans, and soldiers currently fighting to protect our country. I have always thought homemade gifts are especially meaningful. So, it is my honor to present 3 lines of fabric that are perfect for a beautiful thank-you gift or memorial to your loved ones.

The most meaningful and poignant collections for military families always come from Homefront Girl. Gaby Juergens, creator of Homefront Girl, is dedicated to creating designs that support and honor the brave men and women who serve our country – as well as their families who support them. Her collection Be Strong, Be Brave, in your local quilt shop now; does just that. Throughout this collection Gaby includes meaningful phrases such as “Worth the Wait,” “With You Every Step of the Way,” and “Always for Country.”

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And this week, FaveQuilts is doing a fat-quarter giveaway of this entire 13-piece collection! (I’ll post the rules in the comments below.) We are so excited to be able to give this entire collection to one lucky person!



_Overall shot 1


Another collection I am excited about is Long May She Wave, this is also in shops now! The flag is the star in this group. (Ha, get it?!) All kidding aside, this collection makes me think of all our flag symbolizes and all America symbolizes: freedom, liberty, and hope.


_Hand holding fabric 1

Long May She Wave_thee on conveyor belt

For this photo shoot, we took a trip to our old mill. Can’t you just feel the history? Our roots go back to 1807!

Long May She Wave_bunting

_Close up blue 1

_Close up red 1

Long May She Wave_close up red

I love that the Pledge of Allegiance is subtly included!


And just because I can’t resist giving you a sneak peek: here is Dan Morris’ newest patriotic collection, Home of the Brave. This beautiful collection will be in shops in September.

This group is a gorgeous mix of military motifs and patriotic designs. Look  for these fabrics that are coming to shops in the fall.

“I like to see a [wo]man proud of the place in which [s]he lives. I like to see a [wo]man live so that [her] place will be proud of [her].”

-Abraham Lincoln

One thought on “For the Land of the Free …

  1. Here are the rules for FaveQuilts Giveaway:
    1. To enter, head to
    2. Click the ‘CLICK HERE TO WIN’ button
    3. Scroll down and fill out the information under Enter to Win This Today. You can ignore the boxes of offers. Below those, in the ‘Ready to Enter’ area, you must click the ad and enter the answer in the box below. (Trust me, it’s worth the extra effort!)
    4. Then click the ‘Submit My Contest Entry’ button.

    – Giveaway ends May 1st, 11:59 pm EST
    – You can enter once daily so the more days you enter, the better your chances are!
    – There will be one winner.

    Good luck everyone!


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