Happy Birthday Ink & Arrow!

That’s right… 1 year of Ink & Arrow fabrics and soooo much fun!  Happy Birthday to us!!! We were thrilled to celebrate and we brought the P-A-R-T-Y to Salt Lake City, Utah where our Spring International Quilt Market was held this past week.  What an adventure!  

Just a little back story in case you didn’t know… Quilt Market is a major convention we have twice a year – it is for the trade to come and see the latest and greatest in the fabric and sewing industry.   You know the awesome quilt shops you buy our fabrics from??? They attend market and get to see all the different company’s sewing tools and threads etc. etc. etc.  and we get to WOW them with our newest collections.   It’s  a lot of preparation, a lot of hard work and a LOT of FUN!!!

Since you can only attend if you are a shop owner or in the industry, we are going to share the booth pictures and some other fun stuff with you?  Ready?  OK!

sneak peek

Our Sneak Peek – This is a display at the entrance of market so people can get excited about what they are going to see… aka… make plans to stop by our booth 😉

sneak peek 3
There’s a “hidden” item in this photo… our very own Isabelle taking the picture!

The great image in our sneak peek and shown above as our feature image is an illustration by our very own Alicia Dujets, one of our talented studio artists and designer of a few of the Ink & Arrow groups!  She has been with I&A since the first day and we were thrilled when we asked her to create this celebratory poster for us – it’s  fun, flirty, whimsical, quirky, and unexpected… it’s soooo Ink & Arrow!  My personal fave is the squirrel with the martini – that’s my type of squirrel! 😉

booth pan

Here’s a panoramic shot of the booth – with our Sales managers prepping for the day.  Lots of fun stuff, together with a bunch of fun people = P A R T Y!

wall of ink

A great part of our booth – featuring all of the collections together!  This was great for people who hadn’t seen our fabrics yet; they could get an overview of the fun! It’s great to see what you can accomplish in a year’s time – we’re so proud!

Sarah I&A booth

See those big boards on the back of the booth?  Those are some of our inspiration images we found on Pinterest, Instagram and across the web.  Inspiration is everywhere and for Ink & Arrow – sometimes, it’s in the most unexpected place!  You just never know…


For example… this photo made us swoon – we just had to make our own version of these for our Ink & Arrow booth chairs…Here’s the link… fabulous!

and… VOILA – here are our pretty chairs inspired by Punk Projects!












booth detail

Here’s a detail shot of our shelves, lots and lots of pixies and arrows and awesome projects from our friends (more on that to come next week!)

Booth left

Holy eye candy!  The colors and the mixing and matching – it’s just so much fun!   We’ll share more about the different projects and our friends we collaborated with next week, for now, let’s just enjoy the vista before us…. aaaahhhh!!!!

booth right
Hi Sarah! (one of our sales managers) – and… no worries… Sarah was able to leave the booth here and there during the show – 🙂

Plumeasy pattern

Two more great projects – we will leave you in suspense and reveal the talent behind these great quilts next week 🙂   Oh, and you can see our favorite hashtag #NoRulesJustFabric because we want people to be creative and do whatever they want with our fabrics, as long as they enjoy themselves and can share a smile with someone else!

Happy quilting wall

We were lucky enough to have an end booth so we could add more decoration to the back!  This allowed us to properly feature this pretty Pixie quilt  “King’s Crossing”from our friend at Happy Quilting… we’ll share more with you next week.  I know, so much stuff to anticipate!  And, thanks to our friend Theresa (one of our talented sewists) who whipped up the Ink & Arrow bunting – we ❤ it so much!!!


Our Quilt Market Crew!   Ink & Arrow has so many talented employees working together behind the scenes, here are a bunch who attended market and made it all come together!

So, how cool is that?   ONE YEAR – BAM … like a flash.  

We can’t wait to share with you more and more Ink & Arrow fabrics in the years to come. Come back next week to see all of our friends in the industry who we teamed up with for our fun and fabulous booth #2541!



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