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harmony tuffet

 At the end of the week, one lucky winner (picked from all the posts all week) will win…this Harmony Tuffet!

Made by Sharyn Cole of Tuffet Source!



So… what’s the buzz about?

color and value.jpg

We are very excited to offer this thoughtful, comprehensive approach to color blenders.  Think of it as a one-stop shop approach to color matching and blending for your quilts or projects.

This program is unique in that it is developed around color casts with each offered in four  values.  It is so important to quilters that fabrics be available over a longer period of time;  these fabrics are available for shops to reorder.  Harmony features twenty color stories with four print designs in each story.  We also included four pastel (lightest) values that work perfectly for backgrounds.  These are all offered in flat cotton and cotton flannel – the options are endless!!!

At market, we had one whole side of our booth dedicated to this fabric  program

sneak peek 6
It all started with our Sneak Peek!!!
The “Brights” are featured in these two fantastic quilts!  Bargello (left)  Butterfly (right)

The Harmony Bargello Quilt was designed for us by Shannon Ownby of Fabric N Quilts.  The  gradation from light to dark in each color shows off the balance of color and value using Harmony.    It’s quite stunning!   This free pattern is available for download here

Detail shot of the Bargello quilt
Loving the swirly quilting contrasting with the square pieces

The Harmony Butterfly Quilt (on the right) designed by Wendy Sheppard is another great example of the effective use of our color values. The stark contrast of the crisp white fabric with the bold bright colors is so pretty and modern!  This free pattern is available here.

Butterfly quilt detail – the contrast of white with bold color is lovely
The butterflies have a cohesive look as the different color families have uniform gradation!
The “Neutrals” and “Home Friendly” colors are shown here in the Row Quilt (left) and the Modern Block Quilt (right)

The Harmony Row Quilt was designed by Wendy Sheppard.  This quilt is so warm and inviting with it’s house and leaf motifs and neutral palette.  This quilt is offered as a free pattern here.

The Harmony Modern Block Quilt, also designed by Wendy Sheppard, uses the beautiful range of home friendly colors.   A blend of muted/soft colors combined with deep rich tones work well together to create this striking quilt!  The free pattern is available for download here.

The Harmony Tuffet (shown in the center) was made for us using a LOT of the Harmony patterns!  Designed and created by Sharyn Cole of Tuffet Source.  We are so thrilled to have this adorable Tuffet – remember, this is our Grand prize giveaway this week!  Like/comment on our facebook posts all this week to be eligible.

Brian Color Wheel


As mentioned last week, Brian was our Harmony Color Wheel Grand Master at Quilt Market!

This color wheel was a big part of our promotion for Harmony.  What better way to learn about our colorful collection than with a free spin for goodies?   Fat Quarters, pens, paper pads and sometimes some QT Cuts were all part of the fun!

Brian even did the “You can give up that prize and take what’s in this basket” trick… hint… the basket had a bigger prize 😉  wink… wink…

Harmony Wheel 1

Brian and the harmonettes2
We’re calling this photo – Brian & the Harmonettes…. 🙂

wheel detail.jpg

That was great fun!  Who doesn’t want to take a turn spinning a wheel for a prize?


In the middle of the photo above, you see a television – it’s QT TV, well, not really…  We have our very own Creative Manager extraordinaire, Cyndi Hershey, discussing our Harmony collection in detail!    Cyndi has been working in the quilting industry for many years, had her own shop for a long time, and is now dedicated to providing projects and creative insight for all things QT!  We are thrilled to offer you this video as part of our QT Academy – highlighting the features of the Harmony program and color theory for the quilter!  We are so thankful for her creativity, sense of color, style and her generosity in sharing it with us all!!!

Here are some of the prizes we are giving away this week!  Harmony Pre-cut fabrics!

All you have to do is like/comment on our posts throughout the week as instructed.

And.. the GRAND PRIZE, the Harmony Tuffet – will be selected from all the posts!  The more you check back and like/comment, the more chances you have!!!

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We hope you enjoyed this look into the Quilt Market of Spring 2016 and also our Harmony collection.  We are so proud of our combined effort to make this Spring Market a successful one.   We already had our first Fall Market brainstorming meeting – Phew!




  1. I love the Harmony collection- it’s so lovely with both the soft and bright colorways, and would love to win this.


  2. What I like about Harmony…
    First let me say, ” I can’t wait to get me some!!
    I love how you have been explaining about color… As that is my fav thing is bright colorful designs and clothes and decor!! I think if you were to do a seg. Each week on color theory, why’s & and what fors you have me hooked, cause I use it in drawing & painting also… But I love your posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow what beautiful colors and I love the quilting on the quilt. You guys are so talented thanks for sharing.


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