PIXIES WEEK | Don’t Over Think It!

It’s Pixies week  – that means, the more you like, share, comment on our posts and take part in the fun, the more chances you have to win some awesome PIXIES prizes!!!!

Our latest mantra is “Don’t over think it!”  Here at Ink & Arrow, we are pushing the idea of #NoRulesJustFabric.  Why?  We found that way too much stress is put on the right and wrong of sewing|crafting|making.  There IS NO right or wrong – it’s supposed to be FUN!

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Who would have thought that our little Pixies would be a big hit?    The little illustrated square dots,  hand-drawn, multiplied and put into a textile design… so simple yet so incredibly cute!   We are celebrating our Pixies fabric this week and reinforcing the idea that you don’t always have to go crazy with BIG thinking – sometimes, the little things have a big impact too!

We are launching this pixies week with a fabulous tutorial.   These flowers, made of pixies, were well-received and we just adore them.  So, we asked our co-worker and crafty creator Robin to write-up instructions to share!


We are going to feature our employee-owners in our blogs here and there so you can get to know the people behind Ink & Arrow.   So many people work together every day to make these fabrics come to life!

Robin Rivera – Administrative Assistant & employee-owner for 7 years!

What’s your favorite part about working here?  

I love when I’m able to be creative… Being an Admin Assistant, I wear many hats.  I love working with such a great group of talented people!

What do you do in your spare time?

Besides crafting, I enjoy metal detecting, gardening, hiking, my standard poodle April and photography.  I’m able to combine many of my hobbies with my creative side… I love making things from nothing!

How do you feel about being an employee-owner? 

It’s fabulous!  It makes you go that extra mile knowing that you are an employee-owner.

One of the great things I have learned from Robin is to not over think and just create!  She embodies the #NoRulesJustFabric attitude!  We’ve had many conversations about crafting and creating.  I am always inspired to take more chances and try new things – no fear, just have fun and make something!  If it isn’t what you initially planned, more often than not, it’s better!

As a result of this creative thinker not “over thinking” we have these beautiful fabric flowers and a downloadable set of instructions.   We’ll have another set of them this week but for now, get out your supplies, put on some awesome music and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’d love to see your creations with pixies!  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and use the hashtag #PIXIEfy and #NoRulesJustFabric and of course, tag us @inkandarrowfabrics!


On Friday, we will announce the grand prize winner of pixies week…. one lucky winner will get this fabulous PIXIES MINI TUFFET made for us by Tuffet Source!  Good luck everyone!

_Small tuffet on table.jpg



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