Day 3 – Sweet Rebellion Challenge!

We continue with the Sweet Rebellion sewing challenge, organized by our friends at Wives of Whitewood! this week is all about projects inspired by this sweet & sassy fabric collection by Felicia Gallo for Ink & Arrow Fabrics!!!

Today we have two guest bloggers with two fabulous projects!

First up, a great tote bag…

Hi! My name is Brinkley Rayne. I am a zookeeper by day, and bag-maker by night. You can find me on Facebook (B. Rayne Bags), or on Instagram (@b_raynebags). I was very excited to be invited to sew something up with these fabrics. I thought they would be really fun to mix and match the prints and make sure all were seen front and center on the bag. That is how I decided on a “log cabin- esque” tote bag. A quick search of quilting sites will show you years and years of the history of log cabin quilts, and how to make the log-cabin block. I share a sewing room with my mom, and it is one of her favorite blocks to sew. They all have various looks, but none with fabrics quite like this! I thought it might be fun to mix an “old school” quilt block style with these “punk” fabrics. See my social media for a future blog post on my step by step if you’re interested in making one along with me! I used all three of the fabrics for the front, but went easy for the back, handles and inside. The back is plain pink, the inside is white, and the handles are just black. The fun part about the log cabin block is you can make it as easy or intricate as you’d like. I used a 5″ square in the middle, and 2 1/2″ strips for my “borders”. Its very simple, and turns into a nice big bag! Thank-you for letting me participate, and thank you for putting bees on the fabric (an underrated but important creature!!)
We love how Brinkley took the traditional Log cabin block and funked it up!  🙂


Next, we have  Ramona Cavanaugh!  Ramona made a wonderful organizer, perfect for traveling or keeping your stuff in-check at home!

The Sweet Rebellion fabrics are such a pleasure to use. Everything about them is pleasant on the eye. They all blend together so well.  I love the mix of pinks with the black and grays.  The bees and bike chains are just inexplicably cute together. I just really love the pink bike chains. I am not normally a pink girl but the little dashes of pink in the skulls and and the floral print are just perfect together.

I think this organizer will end up being a gift for a longtime friend that was eyeing it on Instagram.  I’ll likely make a couple more. One for my husband and I to share when we travel and possibly one in the smaller size for travel accessories like cables and chargers.

This pattern screamed Sweet Rebellion fabric. I was originally thinking I wanted to use the Wives of Whitewood Gotta Go wristlet so I could incorporate the many wonderful colors and prints in the collection. The Rollie Pollie Organizer by Cozy Nest designs was just too tempting to not give it a go.  The size of the bags and the wrap seemed perfect for the variety of sizes of prints the collection offers.  It was a great way to combine all the colors too.

This pattern has a few spots that made me a little cranky but nothing a ripper couldn’t fix.  If you are going to try this one, make sure to fuse the foam to the liner before putting on the velcro. Of course I missed that little detail but was able to just stitch over and on top of the other stitches.  I found using a long ruler to transfer the velcro marks a real lifesaver. I used a very light small pencil for that and some lightweight glue stick, which is invaluable for lining up the strips just so.  I used the D-ring for ease of application and I like how it looks compared to the large metal grommet. Finally I also did some fussy cutting and pattern matching that wasn’t really necessary for the wrap exterior and liner.  If you use a one direction fabric like the skulls don’t worry so much about the skulls being upside down.

Before it “rollie-pollies open” 🙂
Open and ready to organize!
Hang it up for easy-access to your favorite stuff!!!

Wow, great job ladies!  We are so happy to see these great projects made of “Sweet Rebellion”  Can’t wait to see more tomorrow!


Don’t forget, there is a GIVEAWAY!!!!    Head over to the Wives of Whitewood instagram @wivesofwhitewood for more information!   So exciting!!!


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