A different kind of “Shop-hop”

It has begun… an exclusive shop hop for me and my co-worker, Kevin.  As a marketing brand manager, it’s important that I go out and see the shops.  I frequent the local shops in my area and in any town I visit when exploring New England with my husband for weekend getaways…   I had an opportunity to go on-the-road with Kevin (one of our Regional Sales Managers_ for a couple of presentations and a bunch of shop visits to show the new collections.  So far, so great!

Our local quilt shops are the heart of the quilting and sewing industry.  Their dedication to sharing their love of quilting and sewing and crafts is so inspiring.  We were fortunate enough to present an overview of producing fabric and the inspiration/design process to a group of wonderful quilters at the Quilter’s Harvest Quilt Show & Vendor Mart at the Slate Lick Presbyterian Church this Saturday.  Our host, Sharon Thompson of Common Threads in Leechburgh, Pennsylvania, went above and beyond in coordinating this wonderful show.

It was a beautiful day for a quilt show.   This was the vista from the Church lot. The morning fog was burning off quickly!


Quilt showQuiltShow2Quiltshow3

Rows and rows of beautiful quilts were showcased.  So inspiring to see the different styles and techniques!

Common Thread’s vendor booth at the show… great variety!

CommonThredas_vendor display

Happy Quilters

Happy quilters with their gift bags after our presentation.  It was great to be able to talk with those who love fabric and quilting as much as we do!  We thank these lovely ladies for their interest and dedication to their craft!

Stay tuned, I’ll be back with a blog shout out to Common Threads.  A more in-depth look at this wonderful shop! And more hopping to more shopping throughout the week 🙂


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