Why go wide? 108″ wide fabrics!

We’ve gotten lots of feedback about backing your quilts over the years!  We’ve heard everything from using bed sheets to scrap-busting to fleece to another quilt “top” as a solution.  We’re all about creativity and certainly understand we “do what we gotta do”… But, as we all know, big quilts need lots of fabric for the backing!


One of the things you may not realize is 108″ wide quilting cotton is a big time saver and it saves you money!  You want the same high quality fabric for your backing, you’ve invested all the time and love into making your quilt top,  why skimp on the backing?

Of course, your favorite friendly quilt shop can help you make the best selection for your quilt project size!  The best part of our quilting community is how generous our shop friends are with their experience!

Mike, our Sewing Salesman, has a tip from one of his shops Wandering Stitches.  Check out this quick video to learn the value added to wide goods.

Here is the Avalon 108″ fabric Mike mentions/shows in the video. We also offer Ombre Scrolls 108″ fabric.   Soon, we’ll have another fabric to add to our 108″ offering!

Do you have a tip about backing your quilts?  Leave a comment on this blog and you will be eligible to win a 3 yard bundle of one of our 108″ wide back fabrics!   

We will select a winner next week at random – good luck!!!  Oh, and GO WIDE! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Why go wide? 108″ wide fabrics!

  1. Wide backing saves time and money. It also is easier to manage when quilting a large quilt on a domestic machine.


  2. I almost always use the 108 size for backing the quilts I make for our queen size bed. I do always pre-shrink the fabric because I have lost sometimes 10 inches in the length of the fabric after washing and drying. The width usually stays very close to 108 but the length is what changes. So I have learned, buy about a half yard more than the length of my quilt. I can always cut any excess off and use it for scraps to put into the top of another quilt. Better safe than sorry–that’s my quilting motto.


  3. Wide backs are great, but a lot of my quilts are 108” square so I need 118” wide backs. There is such a small selection of fabrics that width, how about going wider?


  4. I don’t have a tip, but I just checked out your backings and they are beautiful. I think I’ve used a wide backing twice so far. They certainly are easier than piecing a backing. I had enough scrap leftover from one piece and so far have made a little skirt for my granddaughter, and a couple toys from the scrap.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  5. I like using 108” inch cuts for my backing if I can find a fabric I like. Saves time and money. Your video was wonderful with the cost comparisons


  6. I love wide back and I always buy them when possible. Here is a problem I have noticed lets say I buy 3 yards I can easily lose 12 in when I tear it to get straight. Quilt shops do not want to tear 108 in fabric. I can’t load an uneven fabric on my frame so this presents a nightmare. Still I always buy them and buy extra.


  7. As a longarm quilter, I find wide backings much easier to load and handle while quilting. Pieced backings can also be managed but I have found that sometimes the seams are sewn with varying amounts of stretch which results in a saggy backing..which requires a bit extra care while quilting.


  8. 3 yards of fabric is difficult to roll straight on those fabric bolts. Ask your shop to tear the extra wide purchase to assure a straight of grain edge. Otherwise the edge could be very wonky -up to 6″ or more short.

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  9. My fave quilt shop always tears wide backings to assure they are on the straight of grain and the customer receives a proper length. So appreciated.


  10. All I can say is, I absolutely love QT Fabrics. It’s wonderfully soft and the colors are so beautiful! I can’t get enough of feeling it!! I’m glad to hear of this great new 108″ backing fabric! I hate piecing to fit a larger quilt and it DOES save money!!!

    Also……Mike is a very interesting and entertaining speaker!!!!! Anxious to hear him again!


  11. 108 “ fabric takes all the stress and anxiety out of the quilt backing process. High quality backing makes my quilts soft and comfy!


  12. I have had to sew 45″ wide fabric together to make the back big enough. Oh, how I hate doing that. I look forward to your wider backing!


  13. Tearing can damage two inches, make sure your hands are close together and go slowly. Make a test for prewash or not for all batting can change to outcome also. Wide is great, if you can found the right color. I sure am glad more shops are having more to choose from. I do notice some backing is very thin and cost $16 or more a yard. Since my local fabric store carry your fabric I was looking at your site for how your fabric is made quality wise and where– county? I will keep looking at your site for that information.


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