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Blog Shout Out! Gem Hill Quilts!

We love fabric and people who love fabric, of course!  To share the love,  as part of our Fall Quilt Market, we held a contest for a blog shout out! What fun it was to interview the winners.  Here is the first winner, Gina Gempesaw of Gem Hill Quilts!  

IandAquestion   Tell me a little about your business?

Ginal.jpg    I have been a quilter for over 18 years.  I used to do a lot of cross-stitch.  But, as soon as I discovered quilting, everything clicked in place and I hardly ever do any cross-stitch anymore.  I have been working at a local quilt shop for about 15 years now with the last 4 years at the The Round Bobbin Quilt Shop in Ambler, PA.  My husband of over 20 years is quite supportive of my fabric habit and has, only very occasionally, asked for a gift of a quilt!

IandAquestion  What is the focus of your business?

Ginal.jpg   My company is all about my original quilt designs. They appear in various magazines and books. Some of them are free pattern downloads for fabric collections. I have other patterns that we run as Block of the Month programs or as classes at the local quilt shop. Lately, I have started to make projects and write tutorial blog posts for AccuQuilt.

IandAquestion  What inspired you to start your business?

Ginal.jpg   Early on, I realized that I prefer to create my own designs. When I did pick a pattern up, I would instantly start re-writing it in my head! Clearly, I needed to create and write my own patterns.

IandAquestion  What color combinations do you find yourself using over &  over & over?

Ginal.jpg    I have quite the eclectic collection of quilts. I have designed projects using reproduction fabrics to very modern prints, from taupes to bright novelties, from 2-color quilts to scrap quilts. However, I will admit to being pretty partial to brights and fabrics with lots of color.

IandAquestion Favorite memory of working with fabric?

Ginal.jpg  There are so many to choose from!  One time, I was nervously working with a lot of curved piecing and bias edges, using the “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” block. Every completed block seemed wonky. I was so thrilled and delighted to find that all the blocks fit together and the quilt turned out beautifully!

Bubbles Quilt:  “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” block quilt.  Photo courtesy of Annie’s Publications.  Project available here!

IandAquestion  Favorite part of your work?

Ginal.jpg  I love designing and piecing quilts.

House Shop Hop 2
Sampler quilt designed for Local Shop Hop in Southeast, PA

IandAquestion  What draws you to Ink & Arrow fabrics?

Ginal.jpg  The vibrant colors, the crisp designs – it’s all just so much fun!


One of Gina’s latest projects:  Bollenvelden   It appears in Quilter’s World Magazine, Spring 2016 Click photo for more information!

IandAquestion  Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Ginal.jpg    I love math and used to compete – and sometimes win – math tournaments in school. Very nerdy of me, I know!

I&A Comments:   Math is a huge part of quilting – it must have helped you out a lot along the way!  🙂

IandAquestion  Explain an example of a “happy accident” in your work?

Ginal.jpg   When I was working on the Quilting Treasures’ Quilting Temptations collection, I so dearly wanted to used this circle motif with pieced sections. It looks a bit like a “Lifesavers” candy. However, it’s not the easiest block to make. In the meantime, I was also working on a totally different project where I had been cutting out blocks from other pieced blocks. That just opened my eyes! To simplify the circle motif, you just make a pinwheel block and cut the circle from that pinwheel! Easy-peasy!  See example below!

Pinwheel Circle
Pinwheel block –> Trace Circle motif –> Easy-peasy Circle motif!
Tempt 1 59x75
Quilting Temptations Quilt for QT.  Click picture above for Pattern!


Here are a couple of great pictures from Gina of her work…  Visit her  at Gem Hill Quilts to see more!

Surfside Quilt:  Appeared in the book “Trendy Triangles” using fabrics from QT “Lola Textures” Click Photo for more information.
Surf & Sand Block of the Month:  Using Color Blends by QT.  Click on picture above for the instructions!


We are so excited to have Gina as a winner of the blog shout out!  We look forward to seeing what Gina comes up with using our Ink & Arrow fabrics!!!  Thanks Gina!



We put the FUN in Fabric!

Have you seen the Find the Panda craze?  It’s just that – a bit crazy!!!  Here’s a link to it in case you haven’t seen it… PANDA!

We have our own version of this puzzle in our Ink & Arrow designs.   Hidden inside each fabric is a little motif!  Look for an I&A, Ink & Arrow (words) or  Arrow motif  in our fabrics!!!  WHY????  Well,  it’s a little something… something… just to make it extra FUN!

Take a peek at these fabrics and see if you can find the hidden icon?

24302 K repeat24318 ZR repeat24339 A repeat24317 J24300 Z repeat24341 QZ

What’s even more fun??? How about making an I spy project?!?!?!

How about a shirt that has a pocket featuring the hidden icon – see if anyone notices?  Or, a quilt with the hidden icon here and there.   Just have fun with it and remember that there are no rules, just great fabrics!!!   We hope you enjoy…

Also feel free to stop by our website, inkandarrowfabrics.com and submit a photo of a project you created with our fabrics!!!




How could we resist this?  I mean, our new collection, Talk to Me  is arriving in your favorite fabric store right now!!!

It’s super exciting and we want to celebrate with one of our favorite versions of this most appropriate song!  Adele’s Hello!  (The Quirky version ;))

I was at a local flea market a year or so ago and a little boy, aged 8-ish, saw a rotary telephone.   He turned to his mom and said “What IS that thing? It looks like a phone but what is THAT?”  as he pointed to the rotary dial.   I aged a good 15 years that moment!  🙂

Nostalgia is alive and well.  What is old is new again!   We can appreciate the kitsch of rotary phones, typewriters and television sets in this fantastic new collection from Alicia Jacobs!  How divine!  I just adore the colors and the nod to retro communication devices!!!  One day, in the future, there will be a fabric collection with smart phones and laptops and flat screens and we will laugh and remember how silly it was to use those!

Until then, enjoy this ensemble of fabulously fun fabrics! Click to view the whole collection on our website!

talk to me banner

And… if you have a minute, check out this video of  “How to dial your phone by Bell System’ from 1954”  It’s over 9 minutes long and I umm, well,  I watched the whole thing 🙂    Love it!!!   Click on the phone below!





A little bit of City Life chic!

City Life_Chic Intro

izzy and ivy logo update_FINALThanks to our fantastic friends at Izzy & Ivy Designs for showing us all that you are never too young to be a chic fashionista!

Look at this gorgeous girl! Love Love Love the jacket and dress patterns from Izzy & Ivy created with our City Life collection of fabrics.

I’m a tad envious of the way she’s rocking this outfit…  Oh, to be a young starlet again 😉  (like I ever was one…. but, I did think I was a “Solid Gold Dancer” – if you don’t know what that is, honey –here you go… You’re welcome.)


Ready for the board meeting, darling!
My assistant can schedule our appointment…
Strike a pose…

Find Izzy & Ivy’s  Pippa Jacket and Evie Sun Dress patterns available in PDF format.  Stop & explore their other awesome projects available!

City Life is now available in shops!

Check out our City Life  &  other awesome fabric lines on our NEW website!!!