How could we resist this?  I mean, our new collection, Talk to Me  is arriving in your favorite fabric store right now!!!

It’s super exciting and we want to celebrate with one of our favorite versions of this most appropriate song!  Adele’s Hello!  (The Quirky version ;))

I was at a local flea market a year or so ago and a little boy, aged 8-ish, saw a rotary telephone.   He turned to his mom and said “What IS that thing? It looks like a phone but what is THAT?”  as he pointed to the rotary dial.   I aged a good 15 years that moment!  🙂

Nostalgia is alive and well.  What is old is new again!   We can appreciate the kitsch of rotary phones, typewriters and television sets in this fantastic new collection from Alicia Jacobs!  How divine!  I just adore the colors and the nod to retro communication devices!!!  One day, in the future, there will be a fabric collection with smart phones and laptops and flat screens and we will laugh and remember how silly it was to use those!

Until then, enjoy this ensemble of fabulously fun fabrics! Click to view the whole collection on our website!

talk to me banner

And… if you have a minute, check out this video of  “How to dial your phone by Bell System’ from 1954”  It’s over 9 minutes long and I umm, well,  I watched the whole thing 🙂    Love it!!!   Click on the phone below!





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