Digital Printing from QT – Part 2

Continuing our  look into digital fabric printing, we have some other excellent examples!  As a nod to the digital fabric trend, we created our own brand, ArtWorks.  This is a line developed to show off how detailed and realistic the designs are when created with this process.

Artworks AD

By using this printing method, we capture the intricacies and subtleties of the original artwork.  You could create your own masterpiece using these fabrics as the feature of a quilt, for decorative pillows, or frame them for an instant piece of art!  Artworks is our way of bringing the museum to you!  Your home gallery awaits!!!

Here are some fabulous examples!!!

A nice eating nook with a pop of color.
Framed in rustic wood, this cottage room has a beach-y feel!
A nice feature image for quick and easy bedding!

My particular favorite idea is this chic pillow set on a modern love seat!


And, because these are just too stunning, here are some detail shots… Gorgeous!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These designs are available mid July!   I know, we cannot wait either!!!

It’s wonderful to see art in a museum, but it is institutionalised. I don’t like the idea of the artwork as something that requires special conditions. I would like it to be universal.

              ~Antony Gormley


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