More Crafts with Fabric!

Last week was so much fun, we are showing you some more fun crafts!   Before we show you more of our creative team’s efforts, let’s talk about Pinterest.   I mean, who doesn’t love the fact that you can spend days and days (umm.. I mean, hours and hours) looking at pretty things and “pinning” them to your board to obsess over later?   Our Ink & Arrow Pinterest is growing, we are excited to show you more than fabric.   Ink & Arrow is a way of living – fun, quirky, and not-so-serious style!  Take a look at our Pinterest page and specifically, our #NoRulesJustFabric and How Do I? boards.  There are some great ideas and all because some genius decided that it’s easier to click and “Pin” than to clip out a million pictures from magazines and hope you remember to save them and share them with your friends.   I have notebooks upon notebooks of said clippings – no where near as organized and certainly not easy to share with everyone all at once!

I ❤  Pinterest and I hope you can take some time and follow our boards.

Now, back to business!  Here’s a sweet craft made by our very own employee-owner, Robin!  She took an old motor sales guide and turned it into a flirty little jewelry box, complete with mirror.  Our C’est La Vie collection is perfect for a little girl’s first treasure box.  How adorable!  She even used the selvedge Ink & Arrow Fabrics on the spine – super cute!

Another cute idea for a little girls room, is a Pixie dot votive candle holder.   Those battery operated flickering votive “candles” are great for kids rooms!  No worrying about a fire hazard, and they will feel all grown up sitting in their room by “candlelight”.   Robin strikes again by taking a simple glass votive (found at the local craft store) and decoupaging fabric onto the outside.   Before she glued it with mod podge, she cut little petal shapes out to look like flowers.  Those holes in the fabric covering allow for the flickering light to come through!   What a sweet little accent!


Whip it Up in no time!  This is a quick and easy craft – perfect for that impromptu bbq with friends!  Robin outdid herself when she took our Whip it Up collection and cut fabric strips in equal widths.  These are 1 inch wide.  Then, she wove those strips together (remember girl scouts?  Over/under/over/under)  and took the “woven” piece and ironed it onto interfacing.  This helped stabilize the fabric and kept it together and so it has the weight of a placemat!  Super fun!  Next, she used those cork coaster sets you can find at the craft shop and used decoupage to add fabric to the squares!   For extra pop, she added an additional strip to the sides of the coasters.  The possibilities are endless!!!


Finally, because you can never have too many pictures of your favorite pet, Robin took little pinked squares of our Pixie Dots (yes, they strike again!) and used mod podge to adhere them to a chip board frame kit she bought at the dollar store!  Once dry, she added her superstar dog April to the frame and there it is – a great desk accessory!  You can finish the back of the frame off with a contrasting fabric for an ultra finished look.  I think April is happy to be the starlet here.. what do you think?



_Pixies Frame_back




That’s all for now, we’ll be back with more crafts here and there.   You never know what our friend Robin will come up with!  Something I learned from her…just go for it!  Have fun, don’t think too much, and see what happens!  #NoRulesJustFabric!!!

P.S., Thanks Robin for your crafty contributions and for the pictures you gave us!!!

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