Fabric Addicts – Unite!!!

We haven’t done a must add to your stash blog in a while!  I was looking through my stash of fabrics this weekend and realized how many fat quarters I have that I don’t really want to cut/use; they are just too pretty! I have a habit of buying fabric, organizing it by color/print and then I look at them as if they are museum pieces – too amazing to disturb….  There is a saying ‘You know a quilter loves you when they use their ‘best’ fabrics’ … so true!

But, fabric is for sewing and crafting, right?  There are so many jokes about fabric addiction… but the struggle is real!

I have run out of places to hide, I mean store, my fabric.  Ha! So true!!!:



12 Sewing and Quilting Memes Sewers Understand All Too Well:

Here we are with some new lovelies to add to your stash and make your stash (aka curated fabric museum) even more impressive!  All of these groups are in shops now – head over to your local quilt shop and tell them we sent you! 🙂

Arabesque by Conrad Knutson is up first.   Subtle tonal geometric and medallion prints blend beautifully with soft and sophisticated textural coordinates.  This collection has two stunning projects offered on our site – click here to download the runner or quilt!

Quilt designed by Wendy Sheppard


Of course, having the Aurifil threads to coordinate is always a good idea!

Another great addition to your stash would be our Ribbons of Hope collection.   The ribbon symbol has become an iconic way to show support for various charities and causes.  Our collection showcases a variety of colors allowing you to incorporate into any project.  Different ribbon colors offer different meanings – see our chart below…

Handout ROH-1.png

exp comp -0.7
Your project takes on new meaning when you incorporate this ribbon fabric!

I know from experience, that sometimes, you just don’t know what to say or do to help a loved one.   A little gesture can have a major impact.   Making a quilt or project including the Ribbon of Hope fabric could be a little something to brighten their day; a reminder of your love and caring.

10% of proceeds from the sale of Ribbons of Hope fabrics will be donated to CANCERCare the leading national organization dedicated to providing free, professional support services that includes caregiver support.   

Finally, because it’s such a sunshine-y day… here is our Studio 8 line, Sun-kissed It’s pretty and flowery and watercolor-y and lovely.    Imagine pulling this out of your stash in March when you need a ray of sunshine? 

_Sunkissed dress 2_lores
Little Marianna (daughter of, our customer service associate, Justina)  is all smiles in this lovely sundress made with Sun-kissed!

_Sunkissed resized.jpg

The free project sheet for this pretty quilt is on our website – click here!

Sunkissed Bedroom.jpg
Breakfast in bed would be divine with these pillowcases to brighten your morning!

We hope you love these fabrics and run over to your local quilt shop to get inspired! Get creative and add to your stash!!!

Dear Fabric Store Worker....:


4 thoughts on “Fabric Addicts – Unite!!!

  1. I too have fabric I can never cut. I covet it and love to look at it, and sometimes buy two fat quarter packs knowing I will only use one and the other will live on in my sewing room.

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  2. Speaking of stash!! Well, maybe not just stash, but lots of kits, etc! I am rearranging a room to make it my sewing room….lots more space than I have had. As I am doing this, I am putting all my kits together, unfinished projects, fabric stash…..you get the picture! I came across a kit I purchased in the spring of 2010 for the Loralie SewFabulous Quilt. Unfortunately, I have no pattern, but all the right fabrics, in all the right amounts! Does anyone know where I can find the pattern?


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