Inspiration is everywhere!

As a creative person, I find it helpful to look at the world with different points of view.   Sometimes, I tell myself, just look at colors.  Sometimes, it’s layouts or typography… or textures… etc. etc.   Everything before me is an opportunity to be inspired!    As fabric-enthusiasts,  we know the colors we gravitate toward and we most likely have a few different styles which suit our aesthetic.  Our stash accumulates accordingly.   What catches our eye?  What is inspiring us to make what we make?

This leads up to “Inspiration is everywhere”   I recently attended the Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield, MA.  If you enjoy a good flea market, love to browse vintage shops and think of antiques as eye candy, this is the place for you!  So many set designers, artists, interior designers, furniture makers, crafters enjoy the show every year, it’s truly an event to behold.  My friends in the textile industry make a point of going every year, sometimes to all three shows per year, to have a day or two of looking, learning and fun!

This September, I attended with my husband (who has a hobby of various collectibles) and we set forth to walk the show, take in the artisan spirit and basically, “see cool stuff”.

I also went this year with our quilt market in mind.  We are developing our booth displays and as many shop owners know, visual merchandising and displays are an art form of their own.   Whenever I am feeling in a creative rut, I google or search Pinterest for  “Anthropologie Window Displays” and my creative energy surges!

Come along with me – a few photos to show you what caught my eye… I could walk the same aisles over and over and see different things each time – that’s what I love about this and many big flea markets/antique shows.  You never know what is going to appear before you and what will inspire you…  I also rely on my husband to see things very differently.  We are opposites and I enjoy watching what catches his eye!

cool stuff.jpg
I have a thing for clocks and globes and vintage books and this booth had a lot of all three!
I wanted to buy this sign so badly for our booth – it’s from the late 1800s and it was so weathered and wonderful.  A little pricey at $750 – but well worth it for a piece of history.  I hope it found a happy home!
Color + multiple objects of a similar type = ❤


Color and texture…. sigh.. 🙂


Sewing machine parts in a jar – so tempted to buy this… I love jars and I love random parts and I loved this but it stayed put!
I love it when the dealer comes over and tells you the history or function of a piece in their booth. It’s like they are excited to share the story… this little gem was a cylinder used in a yarn/thread factory.  Inside, there was a pressure/release disk that moved the spools upward as they were being used.  So cool!  I loved the use of denim and ticking fabrics along with the burlap – it was so americana but still chic!
This was the ceiling/roof of one of the barns housing multiple dealers.
How gorgeous are these Shibori fabrics?   Shibori is a Japanese tie dye technique where you wrap fabric and tie it in different ways or stitch, pull and dye the fabric.   It was one of my favorite techniques to learn as a Textile major.  The deep, rich indigo dye mottled on the beautifully textured fabric always makes me happy!  Plus, I love the brass cat in the photo… random!!!
Of course, there are quilts and eyelet fabrics and lace and embroidery… and so much more!
Fun quilt!  I love the large circular quilting over the smaller geometric pieces.
I was so enamored of the styling of this booth.  The content alone was beautiful, yes, but the sum of all it’s parts was a sophisticated rustic style – you can tell the dealer took great pride in her display.  While I also appreciate the junky flea-market hap-hazard booths where every trinket is a treasure hunt, the more thoughtful, deliberate displays always capture my interest!
komodo dragon.jpg
As promised, you never know what you will see before you.  This dragon was 10 feet or so in length.  Maybe it could be a quilt shop mascot?
Hello fabulous metal baskets waiting for my fat quarter stash… and my cat to curl up on said fat quarters… sigh 🙂
Memories of my grandmother’s tablecloths at Easter dinner.  I have about 5 different hand stitched tablecloths that I need to use more often – they shouldn’t live in a drawer!
metal tree display.jpg
Here’s what I call the “You’re out of luck” find.  I debated buying it for our booth to show off some cool pieces, we walked away and I texted my friend to ask if she agreed it was a good idea.  Of course, she agreed and when I went back, it was gone!  Oh well, I just wish I could see what the person who bought it was going to do with it…
And… Mr. Fish face summarizes how we felt after walking the show for hours and hours in the heat and humidity.  We were beat but I was also so inspired and excited to get home with my few treasures and ideas for my next projects!


I know if we all walked the show together, we would all see different things!  That is what is so great about these shows and about keeping your eyes open to what’s around you!

Hope you liked the little look into my fun Sunday afternoon with the hubby.  It’s technically not all fabric related but inspiration can come from anywhere – I’m sure someone is figuring out how to make a Mr. Fish face quilt right now  – Ha ha ha!!!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration is everywhere!

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful lime green basket full
    of fabric and patterns that I won at th 2016 Jacksonville, Fl
    Quiltfest…I shared the fabric with the other 5 ladies that went to
    the show . Much happiness was shared by all because of you
    Quilting Treasurers..Thanks, Elaine Nemeth, Branford, Florida
    Beachville Belle Quilters..

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