Medium, iced, caramel latte w/skim no sugar please…

How do you take your coffee?   We take ours with a side of donuts and extra caffeine!

Our latest Ink & Arrow collection is hitting stores this October and it is DELISH, DIVINE… SUPER AWESOME!!!!  OK, we’ve had too much coffee… is that possible?

Thanks to our friends at Izzy & Ivy Designs for whipping up this super sweet dress! Check it out!  Pixie dots, fashionable clothes and a cute kid with a sprinkled donut… we ❤ it!  What are pixie dots if not baby sprinkles right?


This dress is a variation of Izzy & Ivy Designs’ “Charlie Tunic”

Here are some other prints from the collection.  There are so many cute things you can make with these fabrics!  What do you think you’ll make?

Click the image to see these at our website!

Check out these cute coffee bean characters!  So cute and clever!



We suggest you grab a cup of coffee, a notebook and begin planning your next project with Caf-fiend!   We’d love to see what you come up with – be sure to send a picture of this as well as any of your I&A projects to us at  We will show off your stuff at our website under “Your Ink & Arrow”

Because fabric (and sharing your projects) should be fun!


One thought on “Medium, iced, caramel latte w/skim no sugar please…

  1. I’m a breakfast blend with organic half and half and 1 packet of stevia kind of girl, which goes great with a homemade, gluten free, chocolate donut! This shoot was so fun and I’m so glad we got to sew with Caf-fiend!!!! It’s so fun!!!

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