Happy National Sewing Month!

It’s always a great pleasure to share our passion for fabric.  We are thrilled to have a network of people we work with to help us spread the fun!  Our friend, Jane Headley, has worked with us for many years as a sample maker and sewing/project advisor.

We asked Jane to do a quick tutorial for National Sewing Month via our Ink & Arrow Academy!   Here, she is showing you how to install an invisible zipper!  *** Sneak peek of our newest collection, “It’s All About Me” which is hitting stores in February 2017!***

Ink & Arrow Fabrics Academy: Invisible Zipper Tutorial from Ink & Arrow Fabrics on Vimeo.


That was fun!  Let’s get to know more about  Jane, a fun lady who enjoys our fun fabrics!

Here’s a little Q&A 🙂

IandAquestion  Tell us a little about yourself!

jane  I’m Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred and when I die I’ll be Rhode Island dead.  That’s the URI  (University of Rhode Island) “Rhody” fight song.  After graduating from URI,  I taught Physical Education and over the years coached Gymnastics and Track &Field.   I’m married to a great, fun-loving man, have a son, a step-son and step-daughter.  Together we have 7 grandchildren who keep us busy and give us great joy.  In retirement, I keep busy with lots of sewing projects.

IandAquestion  Fun fact about you?  

Foot standing on the Grass seen from Above, Free Space for Text



 I love to tap dance!

Victoria Hutto’s “The Beat” collection gets our toes tapping!



IandAquestion  How did you get started with sewing?

jane   My mother taught me when I was 9 and I have never stopped sewing.  In the 60’s everyone, or so it seemed,  made their own clothes.  I was never afraid to try something difficult- I even made a plaid sports coat and striped bell bottoms for my boyfriend- but not to go together! When I was at URI, I took a tailoring class and loved it but, it was too late to change my major at that time.

IandAquestion  How long have you worked with Quilting Treasures & Ink & Arrow    Fabrics?   What is the favorite part of your work?

jane  For about 12 years!  I love that I am asked to do something different each time and I actually love deadlines.  It’s also fun to see the new fabrics before they are out in the stores.

IandAquestion  Here are just a few examples of Jane’s great work with us, with some        behind-the-scenes info on the project!!!

Romper made of “Dawg” fabric modeled by Studio artist, Alicia.   Jane was thrilled this romper fit so well, considering she didn’t have a fitting with Alicia!  Great job Jane!


I asked Jane to make a quick & fun table skirt for our “Naughty or Nice” collection – and voila!  Here is an adorable Tree (or in our case) Plant skirt!  🙂













Here, the request was “Jane, I need Cat’s Pajamas asap!”  Poof… here they are!  ❤

IandAquestion  You teach, can you tell us a little about your experience as a teacher?

jane  Back in the 70’s and 80’s I taught quilting classes in a few quilt shops.  I enjoy meeting new people and have found over the years that you can learn so much from the students.  I taught basic sewing at a local fabric store until it closed.  Now, I am teaching Classic Tailoring, a Chanel Inspired Jacket class and a Little Black Dress class as part of the Master Seamstress Program offered through the University of Rhode Island.  The program  offers a variety of classes in the Fall, Winter and Spring sessions.  You can find out more about these offerings by going to rhodeislandsewingnetwork.com and click on the link.

IandAquestion  What advice would you give to someone starting out with sewing?

jane  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes- everyone does.  Sign up for a class at the fabric store near you or look for an online class if you are not near a store.  It is always nice to work with someone who can be there to provide feedback, so look for a mentor.

IandAquestion  What is an example of a project that was a “happy accident”?

jane  I can’t really think of anything specific because I usually take apart and re-do and if I mess up royally I usually toss the project and save the fabric for another day.


**Sneak peek**  It’s All About Me fabric collection by Leslie Moak Murray for Ink & Arrow Fabrics.

This Monique dress pattern from Serendipity Studio features this new collection hitting shops in February 2017!

We just ❤ working with Jane; she is a class act, with lots of experience!   I’ve learned a lot along the way by working with Jane. One of the great things is her sense of humor and willingness to take on projects during crunch time!



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