I&A at Quilt Market – Recap Part 1!

Quilt Market held annually in Houston, TX has come and gone again – time flies.   It is FLYING by – can you say Thanksgiving in 2.5 weeks – EEK!

We had a great market and we are excited to share some of what was shown in our booth!   This show is for trade only, we show our latest fabric collections to shop owners, pattern companies and magazines.  Since we think that no one should be left out of the fun,  here is a peek at our booth and upcoming fabric lines.  These lines are going to hit shops in March, April and May of next year so if you see something you love,  show this to your local shop and maybe they will order!  Shop owners love input from consumers!

Let’s start at the beginning with our Sneak Peek display.  It’s a little showcase at the front of the convention center that we decorate to give a little hint of what’s being shown in our booth!   At this market, it was all about “Gnome Matter What”… a new line from Alicia Jacobs Dujets for I&A.  It’s “totes adorbs” and well, right on trend with the flamingos in one of the prints…

Side note:  Flamingos were EVERYWHERE at market – it was great to see the pretty pink flamingos making themselves known to the world.  So glad that we are “in” on the flamingo fun…

_Sneak Peek Gnome Matter What 1sm.jpg

As you can see – we had fun with yo-yos!  You can never – EVER – have enough yo-yos… just sayin’… you’ll see more yo-yo fun in our booth!

Gnome what I’m saying?
How cute!!!










These whimsical lawn ornaments are ready to play in pretty peachy pink, softly sweet lilac with sassy sage green.  So fun!  Now that we have peaked your interest, let’s head over to the booth!

Here’s the wide shot of our booth – lots of fun inside!  Say Hi to Martha (left) and Jayne (right) our Regional Sales Managers ready to show the collections!

Our inspiration was yo-yos and circles and we had fun making a feature installation in our booth with a mix of paper circles and and fabric yo-yos!  What better way to show off the fun of our fabrics?



Cute prints accented with our Pixie Dot yo-yos.   This makes me smile! 🙂

Yes, that is a Pixie Dots tuffet!   Looking so chic in front of our feature yo-yo wall.  Thanks to Sharyn @ Tuffet Source for making this fabulous piece for us!!!

We wanted to show our collections at-a-glance and decided to continue the circle theme – here are all 20 of our thematic fabric groups (not including our Pixie Dots) to show everyone what we have to offer.  So much fun!



Excited to see more? We definitely have more to share – stay tuned for our next re-cap installment!





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