QT @ Houston Market Recap #2

So much to share… Let’s continue our review of  Houston Quilt Market 2016!  We proudly displayed our Antiquities brand in its own booth.  We are proud of our company’s history in textiles and our Antiquities fabrics are a reflection of the past… styled for today!  We scattered various prints and props throughout the booth; an industrial hand truck used in our mill, photos of print machinery, and a schematic of the original mill in Cranston, RI.  We had a treasure hunt in our old mill building to see what we could find!

Overall booth_sm.jpg

The booth featured eight of our Antiquities collections and associated quilt projects along with some other inspiring ideas.   Here’s a look at each collection!


The outside wing featured all eight collections in embroidery hoops.  We repeated this theme in our QT booth and our Ink & Arrow booth.


Our Ashford collection (shown above – in shops now) is showcased beautifully in this table runner pattern available on our website.  Ashford is also available as a quilt project, that highlights the feminine floral, paisley and leaf prints in coral, greys and greens.


Canterbury is our next collection that is also in shops now!  The table runner pattern  shown above is offered on our website.  There is a quilt project available as well on our projects page!

How cute is this little lady?   Heather Hippo from Funky Friends Factory made up in Canterbury – love the mix of traditional print as a fun, Funky Friend!

Next up is Fairfield.  A beautiful mix of rich brown, goldenrod, peacock blue and rose in floral sprigs and decorative stripe patterns.   In shops now, you can find the projects for this at our website on our projects page!

Fairfield Quilt

Featured next is our Bristol collection (in shops now).  These striking designs are reminiscent of vintage tapestries in a sophisticated palette of deep red, black, ochre and moss greens.

This stunning  Bristol quilt is offered on our website in two sizes.  Shown in front, the next collection, Oxford is made into a classic dress.



Above, the Oxford quilt project ,  available on our website, uses the paisley stripe as its border.  To the left, the Oxford dress used the “Bebe Dress” pattern from Serendipity Studio.  It is shown with a coordinating purse made that used Indygo Junction‘s “Tie-To-Go Purse” pattern.

Check it out– on the Projects page of our website, we have a quilt block feature from McCall’s Quilting Block Builder series.  Our Oxford fabric is featured and there is a tutorial on how to make a “Kansas Troubles” block!




Essex (in shops January 2017) is a wonderful home decor and fashion friendly collection with a paisley main print and delicate coordinates.

Serendipity Studio’s “Sally Shirt Dress” pattern plays well with these Essex prints!
The  Essex quilt pattern will be available for download on our website in January!

Finally, the latest two collections from Antiquities!   Monroe (in shops March ’17) and Coventry (in shops April ’17) were just introduced to shops at Quilt Market!  If you love what you see, go to your local quilt shop and let them know you’d love to buy these great fabrics at their shop!

Monroe Medallion quilt – beautifully designed by Wendy Sheppard of Ivory Springs
Great designs in an Americana palette of navy, red and white and/or cream!
Coventry offered in a fresh spring palette!
The Coventry quilt designed by Wendy Sheppard will be available for download on our website in April ’17.  Pretty, sophisticated and tradition revived!
… and just because yo-yos are divine 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of our Antiquities booth as much as we enjoyed developing our Quilt Market displays!  If you love what you see, check your local quilt shop for the collections.

A note to all of our friends and collaborators:  We are so thankful for the many sewists and quilters who help us prepare for Quilt Market.  Everything shown at Market is truly a team effort.  It is a labor of love and coordination!!!  Thanks to everyone who made our Fall Quilt Market a success!!!




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