Springtime fabrics arriving in shops!!!

We are excited to share two of our newest collections shipping to your local fabric shop this month!  Our wide variety of fabrics allow us to offer something for everyone!  As evident by these two groups that are quite different!

Mariposa is up first, a beautiful collection by Kate Follows for QT.  These fabrics offer dazzling butterflies and dragonflies fluttering along with jewel tone medallions and beaded details.   Just gorgeous… fresh and bold at the same time, this collection is unique!


_Mariposa detail 1
Exquisite details in vivid color…
_Mariposa 4
Imagine the projects you could create? 

We have a beautiful project for this collection designed by Sue Harvey & Sandy Boobar of Pine Tree Country Quilts.  Click the Quilt to download the project!

mariposa quilt.jpg

Do you have a Mariposa project in mind?   What will you create?

Next up, we have So Many Fish, So Little Time it’s true!  For the fishing enthusiasts in our lives, you know they can get “lost” for hours by the pond waiting for the catch of the day!


This collection features artwork by Jon Q. Wright for QT.

_So Many Fish 3
Grab your tackle box, fishing pole and sewing machine! 🙂
_So Many Fish_detail brown
These fabrics have a lot of detail and capture the artwork beautifully!  The Fishing Advertisement print would be a terrific “Camp Shirt”

_So Many Fish_detail 3

This group presents a great opportunity to create a quilt for your favorite fisherman or woman!  We have a great project available for download designed by Theresa Romeo.

Click on the Quilt to download the free pattern at our website!

These are quite the “catch” and we hope you head over to your local quilt shop and create a project!  Spring is almost here!  We hope you enjoyed our latest collections!


We love to see what you create!   You can always send a photo of your Quilting Treasures projects to us at qtsocialmedia@cpw.com!  Tell us a little about your inspiration, and we may feature you on our Facebook page!  Be sure to like us and keep up with all the great things that are happening!





3 thoughts on “Springtime fabrics arriving in shops!!!

  1. Approximately 3 (give or take) years ago I purchased a Wizard of Oz quilt kit that included a center panel with the wicked witch on it. All I have in my notes is your website. I think the quilt shop gave it to me. Is there any chance this rings a bell with anyone? I don’t have cutting instructions, etc. Any help will be very much appreciated. Happy sewing!


    1. Hi K. I am sorry for the delay – we have been trying to locate that pattern and cannot find anything! We had a fleece kit with the Wicked Witch and had a pillow panel with Glinda & The wicked witch but I cannot locate the one you mention. If you’d like to email us at info@quiltingtreasures.com we can investigate further and hopefully help you out! Thanks!


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