Patchwork Farms by Desiree Designs

Every month or so, my husband and I go to a local animal farm/sanctuary.   For a small donation, we are able to walk around with the animals, enjoy nature and get to know other friends who enjoy animal welfare!  This weekend, I told my husband, “I need goat therapy!”  Immediately, he knew I meant we needed to go hang out with the animals…

Our adventure is perfectly timed as we are showcasing our friend, Desiree Designs’ new collection, “Patchwork Farms“, in shops now!


This adorable collection features a farmyard panel and all the great animals to make it fun!  Desiree has been a designer with QT for many years.  Her extensive library of artwork, patterns and products are well-loved in the industry.  Follow her blog to keep up with her latest adventures and check out her website to see even more of her talent!


There are sooooo many project opportunities!  These fun and young at heart fabrics bring cheer and sunshine!  Check out the quilt pattern, designed by Desiree below…how fun!  The big floor pillows are a great, quick, add-on project to the quilt!

Fabrics in shop now!  Ask your local quilt shop for the pattern for this quilt!
Patchwork Tote.jpg
How about a fun and easy market bag?  Don’t forget the bread & milk…. chocolate too?

Of course, there are plenty of colorful coordinates to this group – which is your favorite?



Keep an eye out on our Facebook on Friday – we’ll announce a giveaway featuring Patchwork Farms!

3 thoughts on “Patchwork Farms by Desiree Designs

  1. have called 10 quilt stores for western motifs by dan morris none carry his line How do i find a quilt store that carries his line that i can call and order fabric


    1. Hi Linda,
      I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble finding Dan Morris Western fabrics. My best suggestion is to contact our customer service department directly, let them know your zip code and they can research to see which shops may carry the lines you are looking for. The # is 800-876-2756 and we would be happy to help you!
      Thanks for being a friend of QT Fabrics!


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