Ombre Stitches / Aurifil

We were thrilled to partner with Aurifil for a wonderful thread collection.  Check out the Auribuzz blog featuring Ombre Stitches!


We first met the fine folks at QT Fabrics through Aurifil Designer Wendy Sheppard. Her Marmalade Meadows floss collection was released in the Fall of 2016 in partner with QT’s Bleecker Street collection. We loved working together and QT Fabrics approached us shortly after about putting together a new thread collection to coordinate with one of their in-stock programs, Ombre Stitches. We immediately fell in love with the line, simple, colorful, and sweet. The 12 coordinating thread colors are the perfect match to the fabric line, but also represent a delightfully colorful selection, a wonderful addition to any sewing room!

Ombre Stitches
100% Aurifil Cotton, 12 Large Spools, 50wt (1422yds/spool)
Colors included:
2710 – 2735 – 2515 – 2540 – 5017 – 2870
4654 – 2810 – 4660 – 4670 – 2150 – 3920

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